Zhongzhou Real Estate's new project "Xingkai Embankment" located in Huotan has been moved into the apartment one after another. The reporter and senior building inspector Lai Daming (Mingge) went to 2 high-rise F rooms for the acceptance of a three-bedroom unit with a practical area of 774 square feet. After careful acceptance, Brother Ming found that there were only a few defects in the unit that needed to be repaired.

Mingge bluntly said that the development of commercial materials "Shuben", especially the fence of the terrace and working platform, uses double-layer explosion-proof glass, and the interior is embedded with double-layer insulating glass, which greatly improves the safety and sound insulation level of the unit. The most comfortable glass is used for the edge of the unit." The overall rating is 98 points.

Sing Kai Embankment consists of four residential towers offering a total of 1,335 units, with saleable area ranging from 228 to 947 square feet of standard units, ranging from studios to four-bedroom units, and 13 unique units. The property is about a one-minute walk away from MTR Fotan Station, and the time to Hong Kong Island has been greatly shortened after the full opening of the East Rail Line.

As for the shopping facilities, the project has a pedestal shopping mall of about 10,<> square feet, and you can also go to Sha Tin New Town Plaza one stop away to spend and relax. In addition, the site under construction next to it is Po Leung Kuk Siu Han Sum Primary School, which is a popular school for parents in the district.

The developer installs a double-layer explosion-proof glass on the fence in the unit (Photo by Leung Pengwei)

Double explosion-proof glass increases household safety

"The safest glass for fences; The most comfortable glass is used for the edge of the unit." After Mingge's acceptance, the glass used in the unit can give the owner a safe and comfortable environment. He said that although a slight chipping problem was found on a piece of glass on the terrace and the fence of the working platform, the developer's use of double-layer explosion-proof glass was "arguably one of the safest glasses at present".

He explained that once the explosion-proof glass is hit, it is not easy to shatter, and the fragments are not easy to fall, unless the glass has cracked, slight chipping will not pose a risk, and it is not recommended that the owner replace it, "mainly due to appearance problems, notice that the glass is inserted into the bottom of the fence, maintenance is quite difficult, under normal circumstances, unless the glass has been cracked, it is recommended to repair."

Insulating glass can be soundproofed and heat-insulated

In addition, the housing estate is close to the railway and the road, so it is necessary to "work hard" on noise prevention, Mingke pointed out, whether it is the glass curtain wall, windows, and even the terrace door in the flat, double insulating glass is used.

The so-called "double-layer insulating glass" refers to the air between the two explosion-proof glasses, which increases the sound insulation effect, and also has the effect of heat insulation, energy saving and anti-fog, "that is, it is tied well and the weather at home is more than 30 degrees, and the indoor air conditioning is less and less air-conditioned, which can be cool, and the developer spends less thought to improve indoor comfort."

In addition to the double-layer insulating glass, the master room also incorporates the design of a sound reduction screen, Mingge said that the advantage is to reduce noise and maintain ventilation, "When you open the window, there will be noise, if you want to reduce noise, just push the sound reduction screen to the window position, you can reduce the noise."

Deed of Mutual Covenant may have restrictions The owner should not alter the sound reduction screen

Earlier, a unit in the capital of Sunrise Kangcheng, Tseung Kwan O, suspected that part of the main wall was demolished during the renovation, which caused the whole city to pay attention to the structural safety of the building. Brother Ming reminds that although the sound reduction screen does not affect the structural safety, most of the building deeds have clauses restricting the owner from removing the sound reduction screen and other measures, and it is recommended that the owner pray for self-demolition, or change the facilities."

Mingge reminded that although the sound reduction screen does not affect the structural safety, most of the building deeds have clauses restricting the owner from removing the sound reduction screen and other measures. (Photo by Liang Pengwei)

Set up an air-conditioner platform to reduce future maintenance costs

As for another careful bit, it is the location of the air conditioner platform. Different from other housing estates, most of them place the air-conditioner body on the ceiling of the terrace or work platform, "in case the air conditioner drips water, the water will drip back to the terrace, and because of the heat dissipation, many times the false ceiling system of the platform is completely sealed, if it rains heavily, the water may be drained to the ceiling, resulting in the ceiling dripping."

On the contrary, this time, an air-conditioner platform was built outside the windows of the main bathroom and the guest bathroom, and the bathroom windows were also designed as maintenance windows, "the advantage is to facilitate future inspection and maintenance, if the air-conditioner platform may need to be set up to deal with it, depending on the home can reduce the difficulty and cost of maintenance."

Natural stone is made of high quality

All in all, Mingko believes that the quality of the construction of the unit is very good, and the most commendable thing is that natural stone is used in both the main and guest bathrooms. Mingge said that at first glance, he thought it was "imitation stone brick", but after understanding it, he knew that it was natural stone, and "I noticed that the texture of each stone is very consistent, and the overall quality is quite good."

He said that because natural stone is fragile, problems such as chipping are common, but they were not found in this unit, "quality control and construction should be done quite well, and there is an effect first."

Mingge: The quality of the unit material is good

According to Mingko, some common defects, such as water coming and going, leaking, empty drums, and hollow bricks, were not found in this unit, and the quality of materials was also very good, only 5 minor problems were found, and the developer could solve the problems after simple repair, so he received a high score of 98.

Indoor view of the 2 high-rise F buildings of Xingkai Embankment


The unit part requires a service position

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