In the Lublin Voivodeship, Polish farmers went to a protest rally demanding to ban the import of Ukrainian raspberries.

This is reported by SadyOgrody and Аgroportal.

Farmers complain about low purchase prices of raspberries in Poland due to intensive imports from Ukraine. They are even determined to block the entrances to processing plants to prevent the transportation of Ukrainian raspberries.

"The production of good raspberries costs at least 7 zlotys per kilogram, plus the cost of collection, i.e. 2-2.5 zlotys," said Krzysztof Cybulak, vice-president of the Polish Association of Fruit Producers.

According to him, buyers offer about 5 zlotys per kilogram, and sometimes, depending on the parameters, about 4 zlotys.

"But how do we compete when raspberries constantly leave Ukraine? Both from the previous season and now new, fresh. There are already several hundred proposals on the Internet, because the harvest in Ukraine began to be harvested earlier. Ready frozen costs 6-8 zlotys," he says.

During a protest on June 27, about 150 raspberry farmers blocked passage at a roundabout in Elżbieta.

Polish agrarian associations plan to hold a large protest rally of raspberry producers on July 3, which will be supported by the Polish Association of Fruit Producers, as well as Agrounia (actively protested against Ukrainian grain).

It should be noted that in Ukraine in recent years the cultivation of raspberries has increased. Now its price reaches from 80 to 100 UAH per kg. If Poland closes its market for Ukrainian raspberries, it may hit purchase prices, which will significantly decrease due to the lack of a market.

This is not the first time Polish farmers protest against the import of Ukrainian products. Recall that on June 16, the Association of Gardeners of the Republic of Poland sent a letter to the Minister of Agriculture of Poland Robert Telusz with a request to take urgent measures to stop the import of strawberries from Ukraine, limit it and subsequently completely stop it.

We will remind, the Minister of agriculture of Poland Henryk Kowalczyk resigned. Due to the crisis caused by the influx of Ukrainian grain, Polish farmers were dissatisfied. Despite the dismissal, the politician said that the responsibility for the grain crisis that occurred in Poland lies with the European Commission.

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