Ho Man Tin is a traditional luxury residential area, which has always been a great place to live, but recently it has been full of crabs, and many new housing estates have been bleeding. Originally, the harbor building turned around, there were crab goods in the area, nothing special, but the lamp god I arrived at eight, and the mansion estate in the area was shocked to see the "black boy king" of the harbor building!

The owner bought a three-bedroom family in the estate seven years ago, and after a year, he bought three more mansions, spending a total of 7 million yuan to sweep four mansions. At first, they all made money, but in recent years, all four mansions have become silver masters, and three of them have been sold more and more in the past three months, and one has eroded by 1%, losing more than 84 million!

Small test cow knife "earned" to increase the code of sweeping

A senior agent familiar with Ho Man Tin revealed to Dengshen that about 6 to 7 years ago, an investor spent nearly 2016 million yuan in April 4 to buy a group of three-bedroom households with a usable area of nearly 2,900 square feet in Tianzhu, with a price of about 2,9 yuan. As the property market was still flat at that time, the value of the unit also rose a year after the purchase.

Living in a thousand-foot house, the lamp god has already been fell, but according to the investor, seeing that the property market trend was good at that time, it is estimated that "Xinxiong" decided to increase the code to enter the market, and it is not an ordinary increase in the code, and it is a shot and then buy three units in the same housing estate, spending a total of 1 million yuan, including two four-bedroom units, buried in the same two-bedroom unit. At that time, the property market was booming, the value of bricks had been rising, and the price of three new units bought by investors had also climbed after entering the market a year apart, and the transaction price of the seven middle-rise and high-rise units of the most expensive group was nearly 55 million yuan, and the price was as high as about 7,7 yuan per square foot.


In about a year, investors spent nearly 1 million yuan to buy 84 units of Tianzhu. However, in recent years, the flats have been mortgaged and remortgaged many times, and the individual loan amount has reached more than $4 million, and finally all of them have been reduced to silver masters and launched for sale.

4 mansions are turned into silver main plate temporary 3 sell 3 erosion

Listening to my old friend's agent, since April this year, three of the Heavenly Cast Silver main plates have been sold, and all of them have ended in blood. The earliest unit sold was a low-rise D-room three-bedroom in Tianzhu Block 4, with a saleable area of nearly 3,1 square feet, which was sold for 4.2 million yuan in April, compared with the purchase price of 340 million yuan in 2016, a book loss of 2%.

The total erosion of the three books exceeded 3 million

As for the sale of two four-bedroom units located in 7 blocks in the past two months, which also belong to the saleable area of nearly 1,500 square feet of room D, one of which was sold for 5.4 million yuan in May, which was about 280% higher than the purchase price of 2017.5 million yuan in 830; As for the other unit, it sold for $27 million this month, compared with the purchase price of $4.700 million in 2017, representing a book loss of 6%.

With nearly 3 transactions in the past three months, investors can talk about the "light of the property market", each one has to be eroded and sold, and each one sold will erode more, and Yijia has eroded more than 4 million yuan on the books, so the real system does not exclude the last net low inter-fruit silver main disk, and the erosion will further increase.

Ho Man Tin Mansion Estate Tianzhu. (Profile picture)

"Hidden Island" Dragon Ball Island one-bedroom with roof 270.45 million sold Holding goods for three years, actual erosion of 950,3 yuan, leaving the market of Dawei Soba underground duplex household 43.1350 million selling 6 and a half years of wild erosion 5% 110% erosion in the past year allows German buyers to increase their budget to enter the market Throw 4.8 million to buy Saigon Otaki The original owner's 800-year account erosion was 44% of the serial explosion "erosion" in Shatin District Yunhai <> years account erosion <>.<> million Suiheyuan heritage goods depreciated by <>% in <> years, and the single building in the urban area Yoo Residence depreciated sharply Seaview households <> million sold, <>% of the account loss