Prices on beaches in Greece have been raised. An umbrella and a sunbed are paid depending on the proximity to the sea. Municipal beaches are free, BNR reported.

Everywhere this summer there is an increase in the price of beach services, tourists have already found. In the Attica region, where residents and guests of the Greek capital rest on weekends, prices are at least 25% higher than last year. On one of the most visited beaches Alimu the entrance is 6 euros per person and 2 euros for sunbeds. On the famous Vulyagmeni beach, the entrance is 10 euros, and for children 5 euros.

The price of sunbeds changes if it is on the first line or back. Coffee is 4 euros, fresh juice - 7 euros, and a sandwich on the beach is 15 euros.

At these prices, a family of four can hardly afford a holiday by the sea every Saturday and Sunday, customers comment.

On the islands, all these services are much more expensive. On the municipal beaches it is free, but they are rarely with umbrellas, and there are no sun loungers.

Foreigners choose a place for the beach according to their abilities. Restaurants on the beach already offer coffee at a price of 5 euros. So far, there are no shortage of customers in the taverns, but they order a smaller amount, waiters comment.

Greece ranks 2nd in the world in beaches awarded the Blue Flag