The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the plan to raise the government's debt ceiling on Wednesday (31) local time, while the Senate will vote on Thursday (1st) local time. On the eve of the Senate vote, the three major indexes in the United States benefited from the rising expectations of the Federal Reserve not raising interest rates this month, and all closed higher, of which the Dow recovered 33000,<> points. Asia-Pacific equities generally carried the rally in U.S. stocks this morning.


The mainland stock market closed higher, with the Shanghai Stock Exchange closing at 3230 points, up 25 points, the Shenzhen Cheng closing at 10998 points, 162 points, the CSI 300 Index closing at 3861 points, up 54 points, and the ChiNext closing at 2233 points, up 26 points.

Asia-Pacific stocks closed higher, with Japanese stocks closing at 31524,376 points, up 194 points, Taiwan stocks up 16706 points at 32,2601 points, and South Korean stocks up <> points at <>,<>.

In terms of Hong Kong stocks, the Hang Seng Index was last reported at 18973 points, 756 points, the China National Index rose 287 points to 6436 points, and the Science Index was last reported at 3827 points, up 96 points.


Hong Kong stocks further extended their gains and recovered 19000,800 points. The Hang Seng Index rose more than 19003 points, last at 786,295, up 6445 points, the National Index, up 198 points to 3829,<>, and the Ko Index, up <> points, at <>,<>.

Longhu (0960) soared more than 14%, and Li Ning (2331) rose 11.%.


Hong Kong stock gains extended to nearly 700 points in the afternoon, last reported at 18908, up 691 points, the national index rose 265 points to 6415 points, and the science index rose 181 points to 3812 points.

Longfor (0960) rose 12% and Country Garden Services (6098) rose 10.8%.


The HSI closed half-day at 18,883 points, up 666 points or 3.7%. The Hang Seng Technology Index was up 3 points or 806.175 percent at 4,8. The national index rose 260 points, or 4.2 percent, to 6,409.


The U.S. Senate passed a bill to raise the government debt ceiling, and Hong Kong stocks maintained a rise of more than 600 points, the latest at 18831 points, 614 points, the national index rose 238 points to 6388 points, and the science index rose 163 points to 3794 points.


Hong Kong stocks rose to nearly 600 points, last reported at 18805 points, up 588 points, the national index rose 222 points to 6372 points, and the science index rose 154 points to 3785 points.

Domestic housing stocks rose, with Longhu (0960) soaring 9.7% and Country Garden (2007) rising 7.9%.

Country Garden Services (6098) rose 9.4%.


Hong Kong stocks rose more than 400 points, with the Hang Seng Index last trading at 18629,412 points, up 146 points, the China National Index up 6295 points at 94,3725 points, and the Science and Technology Index up <> points at <>,<>.

Ali (9988) rose 4% and Tencent (0700) rose 3.1%.

Hengdi (0012) rebounded, soaring 4.5%.


The stock opened 349 points higher at 18566,122 points, the National Composite Index opened 6271 points higher at 96,3727 points, and the Ko Index opened <> points higher at <>,<> points.

Tencent (0700) opened 3.9% higher, Meituan (3690) opened 3.5% higher, and Alibaba (9988) opened 4.5% higher.

HSBC (0005) opened 1.3% higher and HKEX (0388) opened 2.3% higher.

Hengdi (0012) opened 0.6% higher.