Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

New Delhi:

Referring to the famous dialogue from the popular Hollywood film "Spider-Man", the defence minister on Friday said "responsibility also increases with strength" and India's responsibility will increase with its growing stature globally. "When India emerges as a superpower, it will have to ensure that universal values like democracy, religious freedom, dignity of human beings and global peace are established everywhere in the world.

The defence minister said the government is working towards building a developed India by 2047 and focusing on almost all regions of the country.

On the political scenario in the country, Singh said political parties are important for democracy and it cannot survive without them. He regretted that in India "many political parties do not work on the basis of any ideology and their politics revolves around a single person or a family or a caste".

"I think there should be no place for this kind of politics in developed India," he said at the India Economic Conclave organised by a media group. Politics should be based on ideology and values and not on family, religion and caste," he said.