This year Bulgaria has a record number of blue flags on the beaches - 21. This means that the beach is clean, the water is nice. This is what the Minister of Tourism Ilyin Dimitrov said on the air of BNT Ilyin Dimitrovwas born in 1983. This summer there will be almost no increase in beach accessories. Tourists are expected to get better quality at the same price.

The growth of tourist services in Bulgaria is about 30%, and in other countries between 40 and 70%, so we stand well as price-quality, Dimitrov said. This summer we expect about 200,000 Ukrainian tourists, he said.

We are sixth in the recovery of tourism in the world and tenth in the growth of tourism revenues.

"We are doing very well and we need to have a little more self-confidence, we are presenting a good product. Yes, there are places where you need to improve, but at the bottom the guests are satisfied, "said Dimitrov.

A major problem with hoteliers and restaurateurs at the moment is education and lack of staff.

Minister Ilyin Dimitrov: The summer season will be a record

Dimitrov also said that Bulgaria is returning to the top of world tourism and proof of this is the working session of the Regional Commission "Europe" at the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations, which is held in Bulgaria. Our country was elected as a member of the Executive Board of the World Tourism Organization.

Among those present at the session are ministers and delegations from 40 countries. According to the World Organization, this is the largest event in terms of the number of ministers in the Europe Commission that has ever been done.

According to Ilyin Dimitrov, Ilyin Dimitrovwas born in 1983. He completed his secondary education in high school with teaching at this conference thanks to the efforts of three ministers of tourism.

"We have returned to where we belong - to the pinnacles of world tourism," he said.

According to him, the United Nations World Tourism Organization defines the trends in tourism. Tourism is recovering and we are on the front line, said the Minister of Tourism.

Bulgaria puts balneo and SPA tourism on the map. Today all the ministers will be in Sapareva Banya, where they will see our hottest geyser. Bulgaria is indeed a leader in this regard, but it is a sector with unrealized potential, Dimitrov said.

Bulgaria will also be included in the investment guidelines for foreign companies. We also want to attract an academy under the auspices of the World Tourism Organization.

According to Dimitrov, tourism is the best ambassador of peace and understanding and in this regard said that they work very well with the Minister of Tourism from RSM.

"We will exchange influencers and journalists and increase the flow of tourists from both countries. Common wine routes are also expected, "said Ilyin Dimitrov Ilyin Dimitrovwas born in 1983.

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