"We expect more tourists. The growth compared to 2019 is between 7 and 12%. Last-minute bookings are very characteristic, especially for the Bulgarian market."

This is what Rumen Draganov, Director of the Institute for Analysis and Assessment in Tourism, told the Bulgarian National Radio. He expressed his expectation that the season will intensify after June 20. Trips to Greece and Turkey will not decrease, but our Black Sea coast will be full, he noted.

The British and German markets are recovering, the Middle East market has started, Draganov said.

"We expected about 50,000 Russians last year. We saw that there were 150,000. There are Russians."

For the British, Bulgaria ranks first out of 18 destinations as the most profitable place for tourism, it became clear from Draganov's words. According to him, it cannot be said that the war has affected tourism unfavorably.

Rumen Draganov does not believe that expensive advertising is the basis of tourist success.

"The product is important. The key, the most important thing is the product. Advertising is verbal if someone doesn't understand."