Minister of Social Development, Gender, Women and Special Groups, Dr Dorothy Gwajima has launched the 'Can't' Gender Programme that will empower women economically and participate in various leadership positions on behalf of Vice President, Dr Philip Plan today May 31, 2023.

Speaking on behalf of Dr. Plan, Minister Gwajima said the $7.5 million program from the International Monetary Fund (IFC) is in line with the National Development Vision 2025, the National Five-Year Development Plan, the Zanzibar Development Vision 2050, the 2000 Development and Gender Policy and the 2016 Zanzibar Gender Policy.

"The launch of this program, which aims to liberate women economically, comes at the right time when Tanzania is in the process of liberating and lifting women economically. Tanzania is one of the countries that implements the goals of the International Forum for the Promotion of Gender Equality. In this regard, Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan, President of the United Republic of Tanzania, is the leader of the implementation of this Forum, especially on Justice and Economic Equality." He said to Dr. Gwajima.

Dr Gwajima added that women face a range of challenges including harmful customs and destruri, poor education, lack of capital and entrepreneurial skills, however the government has taken steps to improve income and eliminate poverty for women and men in the country.

Citing some of the measures, he said they include credit opportunities, including 10% of local government revenue, loans to the Women's Development Fund and through special windows at various banks.

She said another step is the establishment of women's economic empowerment platforms in all regions of mainland Tanzania where women continue to have access to information and economic data.

In addition, Dr Gwajima noted that the programme, implemented in partnership with the Government and the private sector, aims to be by 2026 that women's status has changed significantly.

Dodoma Regional Commissioner Mary Senyamule said it was time for women to dare themselves without being pushed to participate in various positions, so this program would be a catalyst to change their minds.

Minister for Social Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Riziki Horn, said the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar values the contribution of women because of their ability to lead in all fields.

Sussane Ndomba, Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Employers (ATE), which will be implemented under the association, noted that the Association cares about gender equality, especially in the workplace, and since 2016 the association has had 274 women's training programmes so far.

Explaining the goal of the five-year project, IFC Regional Director for East Africa, Jumoke Jagun Dokunmu, said gender equality would be achieved if there was economic equality between women and men, so that women could better participate in leadership roles.