The Arusha Regional Anti-Corruption and Corruption Agency (TAKUKURU) has successfully closed gaps in corruption and revenue losses as well as raising collections at the Locirwa auction in Monduli district from Sh3 million to Sh6 million.

This is to ensure the government controls the collection of funds fully from its sources of revenue.

Acting Commander of TAKUKURU Arusha Region, Gift Ngailo said the control would be carried out at all auctions in the region, with the aim being each auction to collect revenues that meet the goals or more.

Ngailo said in the investigation and analysis conducted it found that cattle are paid a tax of Sh7,500 each, goats Sh3,000 and Sh3,000 for sheep and the initial collections were Sh3 million per day at the Locirwa auction.

He said when the institution received encrypted information about the day's collections in the auction being in the hands of a few people it investigated and found a variety of factors, including tax collectors being few compared to the size of the auction site, tax collectors staying longer in the auction and working in the area and other funds being lost for no reason.

The commander said that after his investigation, TAKUKURU recommended a number of things to the Monduli Council including the collection of taxes in the auction to be collected by rangers and after the change the collections rose from Sh3 million per day to 6.2 million.

"We will be doing this in all pastoral auctions in all the districts of Arusha Region to demand that real collections be collected and not otherwise as Takukuru is there to control the revenue gaps," Ngailo said.

In the period January to March this year, TAKUKURU successfully monitored the implementation of 21 development projects worth more than Sh8.5 billion in Arusha, with only one project found to be defective and action taken.

The commander previously urged the project participants to strive to meet the requirements of the implementation of projects to avoid violations of procedures the aim is to require each project to meet the criteria so that the government does not suffer losses.