From June 1, electricity tariffs will increase in Ukraine. The new tariff will be 2.64 UAH / kWh.

We explain how you can save money and not pay a lot of money for light.

First of all, this can be done at home, reducing electricity consumption.

Rules, the system implementation of which will save up to 15% of electricity

  • When leaving the room, always extinguish the light.

  • Wipe bulbs and shades regularly. Few people know that dust can "eat" up to 20% of light.

  • Use LED energy-saving bulbs.

  • Combating dust and dirt on windows also helps save energy - wash them more often so that natural light enters the room and does not have to turn on the lights just once.

  • To save on air conditioning in the heat, open the windows at night and hang them during the day. Open windows at night will help reduce the temperature, and curtains curtained during the day will keep cool.

  • Defrost the refrigerator regularly. If ice and snow form on the walls of the device, this increases its power consumption by 15-20%. Also, do not refrigerate hot dishes. In this case, to maintain the set temperature, the refrigerator will consume much more electricity.

  • Completely disconnect household appliances from the network. Appliances such as a TV, microwave, electric kettle work in the background, that is, they consume electricity even when they are not in use.

  • Don't leave your computer idle all day or night. In this state, you can leave it if you leave the workplace for a few minutes.

  • If possible, use devices marked "A" or "A +", which will help save up to 30-50% of electricity.

  • Switch the boiler to economy mode. It is important to perform timely maintenance of the device.

  • Household appliances standing close to each other accumulate electricity, ensure the optimal distance between them. The refrigerator should not stand close to the stove, column, boiler for heating water, heater or battery.

  • Finally, in the summer, try washing in cold water, for this now there are many special tools. This way you can prevent fading of clothes, and save on electricity.

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