"National Network for Children" awarded DSK Bank with a certificate "Company – a friend of the child" during the annual ceremony "Golden Apple" 2023, which was held on May 30 this year. The award is given for the long-term focused efforts of DSK Bank in support of children and their parents.

In its report, based on a detailed audit of the activity, the way of working, the working conditions of employees and the socially responsible policies and initiatives of DSK Bank, the National Network for Children concluded that the company has established working procedures and policies that clearly respect children's rights. The Bank uses good practices both in terms of employees and their children, as well as in terms of initiatives and programs aimed at the causes of children in need in Bulgaria. DSK Bank's fruitful long-term partnership with SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria Association and the company's dedication to the development and education of children from an early age is a great example of how businesses and NGOs could cooperate and work in support of the children of Bulgaria.

"We are happy that DSK Bank is now a well-deserved holder of the certificate after successfully passing a compliance audit. It validates the high level of policies, standards and good practices in the activity, but also the company's commitment to maintain this level in the long term. As a network of 130 organizations working for children, we value any partnership with companies that contribute with their responsible activities to children's well-being." – says Georgi Bogdanov, Executive Director of the National Network for Children.

"Our role is to be a responsible financial services provider, a responsible employer with care for our employees and their children, and a company responsible to society and nature. For more than 10 years DSK Bank we have been trying to focus public attention on the topic of children, early childhood development and family environment. We believe that a positive change in the life of a child is an investment in the future of Bulgaria. The certificate "Company – a friend of the child" is a great recognition of the efforts of all of us in the bank", says Gergana Bendurska, PR and Communications Director at DSK Bank.

Part of the bank's policies in support of the youngest are aimed at the children of employees. They have the opportunity to participate in internal events – sports and those with an environmental and educational focus. DSK Bank provides an opportunity for flexible working hours, a hybrid and home office model, an opportunity for additional health insurance for a family member, an additional children's card for sports, family events and more.

For 12 years DSK Bank has been in fruitful partnership with SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria, and in recent years it has been the largest corporate donor to the association. For these 12 years, through the corporate donation in support of 2 foster families and the possibility of donations to SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria through the ATM network and online banking of the bank, the company has managed to help 424 children and young people in SOS family homes, 469 young people in the Home of Independent Life Program and the "Paths to Freedom" project, 3900 children supported through SOS Counselling Centres/Family Support and Separation Prevention. In addition to financial assistance, DSK Bank also helps the organization through its employees, who donate one of the most valuable things – their time and knowledge to children.

Financial literacy is one of the main priorities of DSK Bank, both for children and for all its clients, and not only. Since the beginning of 2023, the bank has embarked on a theater tour in schools across the country. Together with the Articus Association, the financial institution created the interactive performance "Money – Past and Future", which aims in a more interesting and unusual way to increase financial literacy among students. The play tells the story of money, when and where it first appeared and transports children to the present day, when most of the financial processes are carried out in a digital environment. Through interactive games and quizzes, students have the opportunity to test their knowledge of finance. The performance has been performed 11 times in front of more than 1100 students in 16 schools across Bulgaria.

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