From May 31 to June 11 this year, the citizens of Sofia and the guests of Sofia will be provoked through a special art installation to experience the message of a sustainable lifestyle at home and with care for nature. The work is located at 2 Serdika metro station and implies interaction with the viewer. At its core is planet Earth, which focuses on protecting the environment through the wise use of resources and people's responsibility to nature. The art installation is exhibited by Bosch Household Appliances Bulgaria on the eve of World Environment Day, which is celebrated on June 5. The creative concept is a two-sided construction, symbolizing the home, which engages the viewer with the brand's message "Live sustainably #LikeABosch!".

"In recent years, the term "sustainability" has entered very quickly and is used very widely in different spheres, because eco-culture and green solutions are increasingly being imposed. All this provides opportunities not only to protect the environment, but also to live without depriving ourselves of amenities, while not spending more on resources, "says the CEO of Bosch Household Appliances Bulgaria eng. Ivaylo Rashev.

According to him, everyone should live with an attitude to what they consume. One of the main problems worldwide is the waste of nearly a third of food produced, or more than 1.3 billion. tonnes per year, which can feed more than 800 million tonnes. starving.

Another worrying fact is climate change, which is affected by carbon footprint. According to the data, 73% of the energy consumed comes from fossil sources, leading to global environmental changes. This means over-exploitation of resources that may one day run out and, on the other hand, release a large amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The focus of sustainable living is the wise consumption of the most valuable resource – water, to which more than 2 billion people do not have access. souls on the planet. The problem of electrical and electronic waste is also increasingly highlighted, with 2020.10 kg collected in the European Union in 3. per person.

As a leading manufacturer in the world, we have taken our responsibility in several directions. For three years now, our development and production have been carbon neutral and we provide 83% of our consumption with green energy. And of course, we give green solutions to our customers through household appliances. They allow them to save resources – electricity, water and detergents, but without being limited. Our appliances of the highest energy-efficient class A save energy without limiting themselves, and with the new washing machines up to 38% less detergent and up to 50% less water is used in each cycle. Some of our appliances are already made of nearly 64% recycled plastic and in 100% recyclable packaging. All this shows that the right household appliance can help you live sustainably, says Eng. Rashev.

According to him, every step in affirming sustainability as a culture, way of behaving and thinking is worth more than ever, because the time for innovation and saving resources is today.

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