At different stages of life, health is the primary condition of life. In the face of sudden medical expenses, the original life plan can be disrupted at any time. Proud of your youthful health? In fact, many diseases have a trend of youth, whether young, middle-aged or elderly, they need to protect their health. To protect the health needs of different life stages, there are different types of critical illness insurance on the market, covering different types of diseases and compensation schemes, how to choose a plan that is both comprehensive and high CP value? Here are 5 features of Seamless Critical Illness Protection, including a first-of-its-kind cancer compensation solution that is rare in the market¹ to help cope with different financial situations and alleviate the financial pressure on the long medical journey from diagnosis, treatment to rehabilitation.

1/Covers over 1 critical illnesses Total coverage up to 000,<>% notional amount Premium guarantee remains unchanged

The Essential Critical Illness Protection covers up to 121 types of critical illnesses, including 60 critical illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and stroke, and 44 early critical illnesses including carcinoma in situ, early thyroid cancer, especially 17 childhood illnesses such as autism, intellectual impairment due to illness and/or accidental injury, and if you unfortunately need to stay in intensive care unit². In addition to the coverage for the first critical illness, the plan will also provide continuous protection coverage for patients with cancer, heart disease, stroke, cognitive impairment, Parkinson's disease, etc., and provide multi-faceted support on the way to diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, with a total coverage of up to 1,000% of the nominal amount, greatly reducing the financial pressure of patients and caregivers! During the entire premium payment period, the premium guarantee remains unchanged, giving you more peace of mind.

2/ Multiple health protection Additional claims can also be made for follow-up and recurrence

If you suffer from a chronic disease such as heart disease or cancer, a slight mistake may lead to a recurrence of the disease. As we age, long-term follow-ups, medications, and even surgeries become quite expensive, and the heavy financial burden puts a huge strain on patients and caregivers. Therefore, the Essential Critical Illness Protection Cover provides a continuous protection benefit, which provides 85 additional claims for cancer patients and 5 additional claims for heart disease or stroke patients until the age of 2 after a Critical Illness Claim or Level 1 ICP Benefit. In view of the ageing population in Hong Kong, the increasing prevalence of cognitive impairment or Parkinson's disease can also be covered by the Continuous Guardian Benefit, and the life insured can enjoy an additional <> claim³. Even if the condition recurs or worsens, multiple benefits are available, so the insured person does not need to worry about unforeseen medical expenses.

Lee Xuming, Chief Product Officer of Manulife Hong Kong & Macau, introduced the two plans of "Protecting Seamless Critical Illness Insurance" and "Protecting Seamless Critical Illness Insurance (Treasure Future)" at the product launch event.

3/From pregnancy protection to fetal birth Early protection of baby health

In addition, intended parents must be very concerned about the health of the pregnancy and the development of the fetus. Guardian Seamless Critical Illness Insurance (Baobao Future) brings comprehensive protection to the beginning of life, specially designed for expectant mothers and babies, before birth, apply first! The plan covers a range of conditions during pregnancy, such as unfortunate miscarriage and stillbirth, and will benefit 105% of the total premiums due and paid (excluding any additional premiums). Upon birth, the baby will be entitled to comprehensive Critical Illness Protection⁴, even if the policy is issued for diseases caused by undetected congenital conditions⁵.

4/According to the different needs of cancer patients, 3 flexible compensation plans are set up to 600% of the total cancer benefit

Cancer is one of the three most critical diseases, and if unfortunately diagnosed, the long and arduous road to surgery, treatment and rehabilitation begins. Essential Critical Illness Insurance provides 3 flexible cancer benefit solutions up to the age of 85, allowing the insured to choose the most suitable plan to meet the needs of follow-up and recuperation expenses according to personal needs, financial situation or number of cancer stages, and the total cancer benefit can be up to 600% of the notional amount.

• Cancer Continuous Protection

In addition to the first critical illness or intensive care coverage, newly diagnosed cancer, recurrence and spread can enjoy 5 additional cancer claims, each time 100% of the notional amount can be claimed, and the waiting period between each claim is 3 years.

• Ongoing Cancer Cash Benefit option

If the insured person needs to receive active treatment or end-of-life care on an ongoing basis, he or she will receive 5% of the notional amount of cash per month for up to 100 months to cover daily expenses. Once monthly cash payments begin, any remaining Cancer Guardian Benefit will be terminated.

• Flexible selection for end-stage cancer

This is a market first¹ option that allows the insured person to receive 3% of the additional notional amount (for stage 4 cancer) or 1% of the additional notional amount (for stage 75 cancer) if the insured person is a stage 3 or 100 cancer patient who has received the first critical illness benefit and chooses this option at any time within 4 year from the date of diagnosis of the cancer, which will be automatically terminated once this benefit is issued.

Manulife's "Protecting the Infernal Critical Illness Campaign" was prominently displayed at the Kimberly Shopping Centre in Causeway Bay, arousing Hong Kong people's attention and discussion on how to prepare for critical illness.

5/ Set up Life Guardian Guarantee to support patients who have lost their ability to take care of themselves can receive a lump sum additional benefit compensation

After illness, the body will inevitably suffer a serious injury, and it will take a long time to condition the body. If the ability to take care of oneself and carry out daily life is lost due to critical illness, it will take a long time to adapt and rehabilitate. The Essential Critical Illness Protection not only supports the medical expenses of the insured during illness, but also takes a step further to take care of their daily life after illness, and is the first of its kind¹ Life Care Protection for the period up to the age of 65. After the first Critical Illness Claim or Level 100 Intensive Care Benefit, if the insured person is unable to perform two or more activities of daily living such as bathing, changing, eating, mobility, etc. due to disability, the plan will provide an additional <>% of the notional amount.

Manulife collaborated with local celebrities Lam Ka Tong and Danni Wang to promote two critical illness products, "Seamless Critical Illness Protection" and "Seamless Critical Illness Insurance (Treasure Future)", and encouraged the public to seek critical illness protection early through bus body advertisements.

1. The description of "Terminal Cancer Flexib" and "Lifeguard Benefit" as "market firsts" is a market first based on the same plan features/benefits launched by Manulife on 2022 July 7 and 25 July 2020 respectively, compared with other critical illness plans publicly offered to individual customers by major life insurance companies in Hong Kong.
7. Both levels of intensive care coverage must be spent in the same hospital for a specified number of consecutive days and all other relevant conditions must be met.
27. Claims for first serious critical illness only are not for cognitive impairment (i.e. Alzheimer's/irreducible organic degenerative disease (dementia)) or Parkinson's disease.
2. If the Critical Illness Benefit (i.e. Critical Critical Illness Benefit, Early Critical Illness Benefit, Childhood Illness Critical Illness Benefit, Tier 3 Intensive Care Benefit and Level 4 Intensive Care Benefit) is paid within 90 days from the birth of the insured baby due to a diagnosis of critical illness/illness or need to be admitted to an intensive care unit, the amount of compensation paid is limited to 20% of the original benefit amount. If the insured baby dies within 180 days of birth, the death benefit paid is limited to 20% of the original death benefit.
5. Birth certificate of the baby must be submitted. Upon receipt of the approved birth certificate, an endorsement will be issued confirming the change of the insured person from pregnant to baby.

*The above does not contain all the terms of the policy, but the full terms are set out in the policy document. Please refer to the product leaflet for product details and risks.

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