The unemployment rate in the European Union among the economically active population (from 15 to 74 years of age) in 2022 is 6.2%. This is according to the latest data from the European statistical office Eurostat, published today on the agency's website.

The number of unemployed varies from region to region of the EU.

The lowest annual unemployment rate in 2022 was recorded in the Czech region of Central Bohemia (1.2%), followed by the capital Prague (1.6%), the southeastern and southwestern Czech Republic, and the Transdanubia region in Hungary (1.7% each).

The highest annual unemployment last year was registered in the Spanish exclusive cities of North Africa - Ceuta (28.4 per cent) and Melilla (21.6 per cent), in the region of Andalusia in Spain (19.0 per cent) and in the French overseas territory of Guadeloupe (18.6 per cent).

In Bulgaria, in 2022, the highest annual unemployment rate was registered in the North Central region (12.5%), followed by the Northwest region (8.8%) and the Southeast region (8.7%).

The least unemployed people in Bulgaria last year were in the Northeast region (6.7%), in the Southwest region (6.9%) and in the South Central region (7.2%), according to Eurostat data.

Youth unemployment (persons aged 15-29) in the EU in 2022 was 11.3% year-on-year. The region with the highest youth unemployment was the Spanish exclave of Ceuta in North Africa (42.4 per cent) and the lowest in Central Bohemia in the Czech Republic (1.7 per cent).