Additional payments to pensioners in June: who can get

Additional payments will be received by pensioners whose pensions were recalculated earlier. In April, the recalculation was carried out for working pensioners. In June, they will be able to receive increased payments immediately in 3 months — April, May, June, due to the fact that paid salary contributions come to the Pension Fund late.

Pensions are transferred to pensioners who work in the event of:

  • If they continued to work after the appointment or preliminary recalculation of the pension and had 1 months of insurance experience as of March 2023, 24.
  • If they have worked for less than 24 months, but 2 years have already passed since the appointment or preliminary recalculation of the pension.

The amount of pension increase after recalculation is different for each pensioner, depending on the length of service and earnings.

How utility tariffs will rise, and which ones are likely not

Electricity tariffs will rise

From June 1, electricity tariffs for the population may increase. Options for raising electricity tariffs - up to UAH 2.40 and UAH 2.88. If tariffs increase to UAH 2.88 per kWh, bills will increase by UAH 200-300 per month.

And if the government decides to raise the price to market levels, Ukrainians will have to pay about 7 hryvnias per kilowatt-hour.

We remind you that now Ukrainians pay 1.44 hryvnia per kilowatt-hour - with consumption up to 250 kilowatt-hour per month and 1.68 hryvnia per kilowatt-hour, consuming more than 250 kilowatt-hours.

NEURC decided to increase electricity tariffs by 25-50% for individual distribution system operators. Therefore, the tariff for electricity distribution may increase.

Tariffs for water supply and sanitation are likely to increase

The National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities reported an estimated increase in tariffs for cold water and sewerage from June 1 in large cities may be up to 30%.

Gas tariffs in June will remain unchanged

Naftogaz announced the preservation of the current gas price within UAH 7.96 per cubic meter of gas until May 1, 2024.

Assignment of new subsidies

For the non-heating season, the Pension Fund will automatically reassign housing subsidies for most households that received a subsidy in the previous heating season.

If the data on the property status or family composition has not changed, there is no need to reapply for the subsidy, it will be reassigned automatically. But if there have been certain changes, you need to contact the local bodies of the Pension Fund within 30 and provide relevant information.

UN resumes payments to those who have not received them earlier

The UN Refugee Agency continues registration for cash assistance for IDPs and people affected by the war. If appointed, each family member will be able to receive assistance in the amount of UAH 3 for each family member within 2220 months.

Assistance can be received by people with an income of less than UAH 5,400 per month who have not previously received payments from international organizations

The end of the school year in schools

The Ministry of Education and Science recommended that schools end the school year at the end of June. However, the final decision on the end date will be made by each city and region at its discretion.

From June 23, the admission campaign to institutions of professional pre-higher education on the basis of basic secondary education will begin. The campaign will last until August 3. At the same time, for entrants on the basis of complete general secondary education, this period will last from July 1 to August 30.

How we will rest in June

In June, Ukrainians celebrate the Trinity and Constitution Day, but due to the war, there will be no additional days off.

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