The Finance Minister said that the government has given free domestic gas connections up to 9.6 crore and free ration up to crores in the Kovid epidemic.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has completed 9 years in office. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman held a press conference regarding this. During this, the Finance Minister said that the government has achieved many big achievements in different areas in the last nine years. He said, the government faced the Corona epidemic firmly and gave 220 crore vaccine doses free of cost.

The Finance Minister said, many schemes were brought for the poor of the country. Under this, 3.5 crore pucca houses and 11.72 crore toilets were built. At the same time, drinking water was provided to 12 crore people. Apart from this, up to 9.6 crore free domestic gas connections and free ration up to crores were given in the Kovid epidemic.

He said that earlier 90% of the fertilizer of the farmers was imported, but the government did not allow the increased prices to become a burden on the farmers. The Modi government has paid this rising price. The Finance Minister said that the 10% EWS quota helped the poor a lot. At the same time, to help the disabled, 7 to 21 categories have been increased.

Listing the achievements of the government, he said that in the last nine years, 74 new airports have been built, 15 new AIIMS have been built, 700 new medical colleges have been built and 7 new IITs have been built.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman further said that we have seen many challenges in about three years due to Kovid and Russia-Ukraine. When the question was asked why 2000 rupees note was not needed then why was it brought? "As part of the clean note policy, 2000,<> notes were removed.