According to Yaroslav Zhelezniak, First Deputy of the Tax Committee, the Verkhovna Rada supported on the basis of the government's draft law No. 8401 on the abolition of the "2% tax for individual entrepreneurs" from the first of July 2023.

What does the adoption of the draft law No8401 envisage?

  • The single tax exemption is canceled. From 2022, sole proprietors of groups 1 and 2 could pay a single tax on a voluntary basis. From July 1, 2023, entrepreneurs will pay a single tax.
  • The privilege -- 2% of profit for sole proprietors of the 3rd group has been canceled. Individual entrepreneurs who are on this rate will be automatically transferred to the group and rate from which they came by 2%.
  • Resumption of documentary inspections.
  • Penalties for work without issuing a check are returned. With the beginning of the war, the government allowed entrepreneurs not to issue a check, the fine was not applied. From July 1, for failure to issue a check, a fine of 100%-150% of the amount of goods purchased without a check will be returned.

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