Vivacom's private and business customers, who use mobile voice services through subscription, are already over 2 million.

The results come just 8 months after the company launched its all-new portfolio of Unlimited tariff plans for complete freedom in communication. Vivacom revolutionized the telecommunications market, with subscribers receiving unlimited calls, unlimited megabytes and unlimited SMS in all price segments. With the new Unlimited rates combined with the largest 5G network in the country, users enjoy their favorite HD video content, perfect streaming, browsing social networks and sites without lag, as well as downloading files at high speed. As part of the new portfolio Unlimited 100, at prices from 32.99 BGN including VAT, it has established itself as the plan that enjoys the greatest interest from Vivacom customers because it offers everything you need in one place for the best and most complete experience.

Vivacom has made significant investments over the past two years and has provided access to its fifth-generation network to nearly 82% of the country's population. This means that the good and stable coverage, with super fast internet for work and entertainment, constant quality connection with minimal delay in data transfer, are now available to 5.3 million people in Bulgaria. Recently, all these advantages are available to consumers through Vivacom's latest service - 5G Home Internet - fast, secure and reliable home internet, in combination with the innovative TV service EON.

Contributing to the significantly increased number of subscribers is the leading position of Vivacom among the three mobile operators in the number of mobile numbers ported. Over the past year, most mobile customers have chosen to transfer their mobile numbers to the Vivacom network. [1]

"The impressive results we have achieved in less than a year for mobile subscribers – both private and business customers – prove that the only path to growth in the telecom sector is investment in innovation. This is our strategic priority. We will continue to develop our network and offer the most attractive plans for our customers so that they can communicate freely anywhere, anytime and without restrictions, at the best price, no matter where they are, "commented Nikolay Andreev, CEO of Vivacom.

[1] Most mobile numbers transferred, according to data in the operator-to-operator portability system for the last year.

About United Group:

Netherlands-based United Group is a leading telecommunications and media operator in Southeast Europe. The company operates in eight countries and has over 15 million users and nearly 15,000 employees. United Group provides the widest network coverage in the region and offers users the most attractive selection of TV content from around the world. Heavy investments in digital infrastructure, content and technology ensure the excellent quality of the products and services it provides to customers. As of March 2019, the majority owner of United Group is BC Partners, one of the largest global investment companies.

Since July 2020, VIVACOM is part of United Group. In Bulgaria, the group also includes Nova Broadcasting Group and the Telegraph newspaper.

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