Ukraine is discussing the recalculation of salaries for 2024. The minimum wage is planned to be increased to 7651 UAH.

This is stated in the message of the Federation of Trade Unions.

In particular, the Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine voiced the proposals of the Ministry of Economy for 2024, provided to the Ministry of Finance for preliminary calculations:

  • minimum wage – 7651 UAH (2023 – 6700 UAH)
  • the size of the official salary of an employee of the first tariff category of the ETS is UAH 3,443 (in 2023 this figure is UAH 2893)

Earlier it became known that Ukrainians in 2023, most likely, will not increase the size of the minimum wage - it will remain at the level of December 2021, that is, 6.5 thousand hryvnias. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Finance with reference to the words of Deputy Minister Roman Yermolychev during a meeting on the state budget for 2023.

"About UAH 5.5 billion will be budgeted to provide housing for war veterans, because this category of citizens is extremely important. Also, timely payment of pensions, social benefits, payment of wages to doctors and teachers will be ensured. The minimum wage will be at the level of December last year," said Roman Yermolychev.

It should be noted that in May, according to the State Employment Service, the average salary in available vacancies was 11 thousand UAH:

  • workers in the field of trade and services offer 12 thousand rubles. UAH
  • skilled workers in agriculture and forestry - 8 thousand; UAH
  • skilled workers with tools — 11 thousand; UAH
  • workers servicing equipment and machinery - 12 thousand; UAH

Earlier, the NBU reported that the average nominal wage in Ukraine this year will grow by 21.9%, and real, that is, taking into account inflation, by 3.7%.According to the NBU, in 2023 the salaries of Ukrainians will increase due to further adaptation of the business sector to work in conditions of high risks. Also, the level of wages will be influenced by loose fiscal policy. In the future, the main factor will be an increase in labor demand in the context of accelerating economic growth.

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