The average official dollar exchange rate in Ukraine by the end of 2024 will be 41.8 hryvnia per dollar, and by the end of the year it will increase to 43 hryvnia per dollar.

This forecast was voiced by Artem Shcherbyna, Investment Director and Head of R&D at Capital Times, at the Invest Talk Summit, noting that in 2025 the hryvnia will continue to weaken.

This is reported by the Ministry of Finance.

The expert predicts that in 2025 the average dollar exchange rate will be 43.6 hryvnia per dollar, and it will end the year at 44 hryvnia per dollar.

At the same time, Shcherbyna named the main factor that will especially affect the dollar exchange rate. This is the regulation of the foreign exchange market by the National Bank.

"While we are in a grip, but the lifting of restrictions will affect the foreign exchange market. For a very long time we had restrictions, and we do not know how he will react, when they are lifted, what will be the demand for currency," the expert believes.

Recall, the National Bank of Ukraine has set the official exchange rate for the weekend: Saturday, May 27, and Sunday, May 28. The dollar has not changed. The euro fell in price by 17 kopecks, and the zloty - by 7 kopecks.

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