Poland is about to become another country that will pay license fees to Bulgaria for the right to produce Bulgarian yoghurt. This became clear during a meeting between the Executive Director of "LB Bulgaricum" Vladimir Rusev and the Chairman of the Management Board of "Milk" Dariush Sapisnki. It is the largest Polish dairy company, as well as the largest private company in the country's food industry at all.

"For 50 years, millions of Japanese people have been starting their day with Bulgarian yoghurt, and this year we started a similar partnership with Mongolia," said Vladimir Rusev. He explained that in recent months the market share of the state-owned dairy company in Bulgaria has increased sharply as their products are already available in over 100 stores. "In the past, dozens of countries have worked with Bulgaria to exploit our unique bacterium. We are motivated today to bring these traditions back and we are glad that Poland is on its way to becoming another strategic partner," said the CEO of LB.

The company "Milk" is interested in signing a license agreement under which to produce yogurt in their own factories, using the Bulgarian bacteria "lactobacillus bulgaricus" and "streptococcus thermophilus". Experts from the research units of the two companies discussed the quality characteristics of the starter culture and the final product, as well as some technological details of the production process. The details of a future agreement are to be finalized, and the Polish side will be invited to visit Bulgaria within a month for its official signing.

The meeting was also attended by H.E. Margarita Ganeva, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Poland and Yordan Draganchev, Head of the Office of Commercial and Economic Affairs in Warsaw.

In the presence of Ministers Stoyanov and Gechev, an agreement will be signed to expand the market presence of LB Bulgaricum.

The results achieved over the past decade rank "Milk" first among dairy groups in Central and Eastern with about 1.5 billion euros annual turnover. The company is processing $8 million. litres of milk every day, supplied by 15 000 breeders in 22 own plants employing 5 000 employees. The company has 34 logistics centers, one of which represents the largest in Poland. So far, 147 company stores have been built, and 35% of the manufactured products are exported to a total of 167 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas. Every month, the Milk Group supplies the domestic and foreign market with 60 million liters of milk, 8000,6 tons of cheese, 10,<> tons of cheese. tons of butter and <> thousand. tons of milk powder.