On the 12th, Tong Zixian, chairman of Pegatron United Technology, attended the Senior Civil Service Master School as a lecturer and delivered a speech on stage.

(Photo by reporter Tu Jianrong)

[Reporter Lin Xiaoyun/Taipei Report] Tong Zixian, chairman of Pegatron United Technology, said in a speech today that the global manufacturing industry is moving, and the plates are shifting. New forces including India in South Asia, Mexico in North America, and Vietnam in the South China Sea are seizing the manufacturing industry. India’s population has already grown. More than China, plus the population of Southeast Asia will reach 2 billion, it is predicted that in the next 5 or 10 years, the global market that favors China will be balanced back.

Tong Zixian gave a lecture on the topic of "Taiwan's Industrial Development and World Situation" at the National Civil Service Academy's "112-year training program for high-level civil service training leaps" master class.

He affirmed that Taiwan's economy can still grow during the epidemic, thanks to the good leadership of the government.

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Tong Zixian said that India’s threat to China is that India’s rise has balanced the power of the world to favor China. In addition, Southeast Asian countries have a population of 2 billion people. Taiwan should not only set up factories there, but also understand the domestic needs of these countries. The rise of the market can balance China's domestic demand market, and in the next 5 or 10 years, the global market that favors China will be balanced back.

In addition, regarding TSMC’s establishment of a factory in the United States, Tong Zixian believes that it will inevitably increase costs and reduce efficiency. Under this circumstance, TSMC’s establishment of a factory in Taiwan will still be the leader in semiconductors, and even if TSMC’s production capacity in the United States is fully utilized, it will only account for the total. 5%, setting up factories in the United States can suppress TSMC's rivals in North America.

Tong Zixian also mentioned that China cannot be self-sufficient in food, oil, and semiconductors. China imports semiconductors worth 300 billion US dollars a year. This is also a place that relies on Taiwan to a certain extent. China boycotts agricultural and fishery products, but dare not boycott Taiwan’s semiconductor products because China directly imports US$110 billion of Taiwan's semiconductor products. This is Taiwan's excess to China, but it may not necessarily be a dependence, because semiconductors are now a seller's market.

Regarding global warming, Tong Zixian said that the output value of automobiles is 3 trillion yuan, which is four times that of semiconductors. On average, countries around the world will no longer produce fuel vehicles in 2035. Fuel vehicles will go into history like vinyl records. Electric vehicles are Taiwan Opportunities, because electronic parts, components, and automotive platforms are exactly Taiwan's strengths.

Tong Zixian said that more than 60% of Taiwan's exports are technological products, benefiting from the WTO Information Technology Agreement (ITA) with zero tariffs, and solving more than 70% of Taiwan's diplomatic difficulties.

However, Taiwan is facing energy challenges. Wind energy, solar energy, and hydropower are the sources of green energy, accounting for 29% of the world's green energy. According to yesterday's Taipower statistics, Taiwan's green energy accounted for 19.04%. This is a reminder that Taiwan must be careful.

Hao Peizhi, president of the National Civil Service Academy and chairman of the Guarantee Training Association, explained that the Civil Service Academy has introduced outstanding entrepreneurs from the "six core strategic industries" as industry teachers. It is affirmed that Tong Zixian is a wave maker. I hope that civil servants can use this high wave to see higher and wider .

Huang Rongcun, the director of the examination, said that all the teachers are legends. The follow-up will include Shi Zhenrong, the founder of Acer, Shi Xuanhui, the chairman of Anqi Information, Gao Zhiming, the general manager of Yimei Foods, and Huang Zhifang, the chairman of the Foreign Trade Association. civil servants.

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