On the 12th, Tong Zixian, chairman of Pegatron United Technology, attended the Senior Civil Service Master School as a lecturer and delivered a speech on stage.

(Photo by reporter Tu Jianrong)

[Reporter Lin Xiaoyun/Taipei Report] Regarding ChatGPT, which has been very popular recently, Tong Zixian, chairman of Pegatron United Technology, said today that ChatGPT is big data, but if you use Chinese to find it, there is a lot of garbage. For example, he asked ChatGPT "(Asus Chairman) Where is Shi Chongtang's contribution?" As a result, ChatGPT replied, "In the anti-communist and anti-Russian, brought 3 million troops to Taiwan." Give big data garbage, and the search is garbage.

He believes that AI is only in the 3rd to 5th grade of elementary school, and it can only be used as a "good washing machine, a good motorcycle" and as a tool.

Tong Zixian gave a lecture today on the topic of "Taiwan's Industrial Development and World Situation" at the National Civil Service Academy's "112 Years of Training for Advanced Civil Service Training Leap Plan" master school. When answering questions from the students of the Ministry of Culture, he said that AI has only been in elementary school so far. From 3rd grade to 5th grade, it is good for the Ministry of Culture to get more in touch with AI, but if you want AI to give answers to the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Culture should be careful, don’t use cultural policy to ask a 3rd grade AI in elementary school, you can only regard AI as good A good washing machine and a good motorcycle should be used as good tools.

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Tong Zixian also said that ChatGPT is big data, but if you use Chinese to find it, there is a lot of garbage. He gave an example of entering the old officer in ChatGPT, "Where is Mr. Shi Chongtang's contribution?" As a result, ChatGPT replied: "Shi Chongtang's contribution is anti-communist and anti-Russian. With 3 million troops coming to Taiwan." He laughed and said that he didn't know that Shi Chongtang could not sleep at night and was engaged in anti-communist and anti-Russian, which means that if the big data is a pile of rubbish, what is searched is rubbish.

Tong Zixian said that Taiwan has always placed more emphasis on hardware than software, and more on manufacturing than applications. Taiwan must reverse this. If this wave of AI is not properly used, Taiwan's productivity will be much lower.

The total budget of the central government increased by 12.8% to more than 2.7 trillion yuan. Tong Zixian said that he was worried because in the three years before the epidemic, the overall listed companies made more than 2 trillion in profits and paid limited taxes. However, in the three years of the epidemic, Taiwan's profits have grown significantly, and the overall profits of listed companies have exceeded 4 trillion. In less than 6 years, the listed companies' distribution to employees and shareholders will eventually be converted into government fiscal revenue. However, if the growth encounters a bottleneck, the central government will He is worried if the budget continues to expand.

Tong Zixian also said that moving the supply chain out of China is a global trend. His company has recently strengthened training in Spanish and a few Indian languages. When they set up a factory in India, one manager hired one translator. They thought that this translation would solve the language problem. Unexpectedly This translator hired 3 more translators. The factory workers speak different languages, because only well-educated employees can speak English fluently. Others still speak the local dialect and mother tongue. This is a cultural difference.

Taiwan wants to develop abroad. Tong Zixian said that in the past, he only knew about Japan and the United States, and rarely knew the importance of Eastern European countries. Eastern Europe has great potential for Taiwan's diplomacy and economy, but Taiwan does not know which Eastern European countries are rising and which Eastern European countries are friendly to Taiwan, and the same is true to Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is Taiwan’s neighbor. However, in addition to being cheap labor, our country’s understanding of Southeast Asia is insufficient. These need to be taken seriously. If Taiwan wants to continue to develop, it must cultivate talented people who can make it better .

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