Xingfufa (2542) construction accident hit the Taichung MRT, resulting in 1 death and 10 injuries. Today, the Ministry of Labor imposed a total of 750,000 yuan in fines because the operation supervisor was not present to direct and supervise and improper contract management.

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[Reporter Li Lianghui/Taipei Report] Is it really "not afraid of punishment"?

According to statistics from the Occupational Safety Administration of the Ministry of Labor, Qiyu Construction, a subsidiary of Xingfufa, has been suspended 56 times and fined nearly 14 million yuan in labor inspections in the past five years for problems that are immediately dangerous. However, major industrial accidents still occurred yesterday. In the accident, the Ministry of Labor imposed a total fine of 750,000 yuan today because the supervisor of the operation was not present to command and supervise and improperly manage the contract.

Today, a legislator questioned why Qi Yu Construction, which was involved in the disaster, had seven occupational accidents in the past five years. Why didn’t it conduct a comprehensive inspection beforehand? Labor inspections were carried out on the company's projects in the past five years, and 56 local shutdowns were found to be in danger of immediate danger, with a total fine of nearly 14 million yuan. The follow-up will continue to actively supervise and inspect the construction company.

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In response to the Xingfufa Construction Taichung construction accident, the outside world questioned that the tower crane certificate had expired for two years. Day and October 31, 2022, the regular inspection will pass, and the validity date of the certificate will be until November 2, 2023, which has not yet expired.

In response to questions about whether the tower crane operators have technician certificates, and whether the supervisor of the steel structure assembly operation directed and supervised the workers to dismantle the tower cranes on the spot, the Occupational Safety Administration of the Ministry of Labor stated that according to the on-site inspection immediately after the disaster, it was initially found that the tower crane operators were qualified technicians However, the supervisor of the steel structure assembly operation was not on site to direct and supervise the operation. Therefore, in addition to the original suspension of work and a fine of 300,000 yuan based on the improper operation of the tower crane, an additional penalty of 300,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan was imposed on the supervisor for not being present to direct and supervise the operation. 150,000 yuan was improperly contracted and managed.

The Occupational Safety Administration of the Ministry of Labor emphasized that the construction industry is a high-risk industry and is the focus of annual labor inspections. Due to the construction projects of Xingfufa Construction, many major occupational accidents have occurred in recent years. All construction sites have strengthened inspections. In addition, comprehensive inspections have been conducted on construction sites with tower cranes of more than 3 metric tons across the country to prevent recurrence of industrial safety accidents.

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