One Piece and IC design were dragged down, and the index rose by 73 points at the end and 15,700 points gained and then lost (data photo)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] The four major U.S. stock indexes rebounded in an all-round way last Friday. Taiwan stocks rose by 9 yuan today in TSMC, leading the upside of electronics stocks. On the monthly line, it stood at 15,700 points in one fell swoop and came to 15,757 points. However, under the selling pressure on the monthly line, dragged down by One Piece, sightseeing, and IC design, and the gains of the wafer duo converged, the final price rose by 73.5 points and closed at 15699.57 15,700 points were gained and then lost, with a turnover of 214.7 billion yuan.

The top 10 trading values ​​rose more and fell less. Under the target price raised by foreign investors, Xinxing’s stock price was 8.5 yuan, closing at 161 yuan, and the transaction value was 10.399 billion yuan, ranking first; Creative fell 15 yuan, closing at 1125 yuan, and the transaction value 6.695 billion yuan, ranking second; Alchip-KY closed at 1260 yuan, with a transaction value of 6.301 billion yuan, ranking third; TSMC rose 4 yuan to close at 504 yuan, with a transaction value of 5.669 billion yuan, ranking 4th; Quasi rose 4.4 yuan to close at 66 yuan, with a transaction value of 4.532 billion yuan, ranking fifth.

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Dongge Yachting rose 21 yuan to close at 520 yuan, with a transaction value of 4.233 billion yuan, ranking 6th; ZTE Electric rose 2.5 yuan to close at 110.5 yuan, with a transaction value of 4.23 billion yuan, ranking 7th; Material-KY fell 37 yuan to close at 511 Yuan, with a transaction value of 4.134 billion yuan, ranking 8th; Qihong rose 0.5 yuan to close at 181.5 yuan, with a transaction value of 3.648 billion yuan, ranking 9th; Huaxin fell 2.4 yuan, closing at 47.7 yuan, with a transaction value of 3.613 billion yuan, ranking 9th 10.

Cai Minghan, manager of Cathay Pacific Securities Consulting Office, said that due to the better-than-expected US non-agricultural employment figures and Apple’s financial report, and the rebound of US regional bank stocks, US stocks rebounded in an all-round way last Friday. Inspired by the rise in US stocks, Taiwan stocks opened higher today. Stand on the line.

However, from a technical point of view, the current monthly line is in a downward pattern. Therefore, the index rebounded above the monthly line today, and the selling pressure was released, and the increase in the index did not expand further.

He further pointed out that as far as U.S. stocks are concerned, apart from the relative strength of the Nasdaq Composite Index, which stood above the monthly line, neither the Dow Jones nor Feiban effectively stood on the monthly line, and Taiwan stocks also followed the trend of international stocks. Under pressure, the index will fluctuate in a range.

However, as far as the medium and long term is concerned, as funds return to fundamentals and the timing enters the second half of the second quarter, the market will slowly respond to the peak season prices of electronic stocks in the third quarter, which will help the index go up. It should be viewed as bullish. However, the short-term index fluctuates in a range. Therefore, do not chase high when it rises, and wait for it to pull back before taking on dips.

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