The two reservoirs Zengwen and Nanhua received a total of 700,000 tons of water.

(Provided by Nanshui Bureau)

[Reporter Liao Jianing/Taipei Report] The first front of the rainy season reported that Taiwan's reservoirs received 10.64 million tons of rainwater in a single day.

The Water Conservancy Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs stated that this wave of rainfall can be said to be "timely rain" for the central region with agricultural irrigation needs, and this wave of rain has also injected water into the south where the water situation is tight. The assessment is also coordinated with various water-saving measures. In the southern period, water supply can be stabilized until the end of June.

According to statistics from the Water Conservancy Administration, as of 5:00 p.m. today, a single day of rainfall is expected to bring in 10.64 million tons of water for the entire Taiwan reservoir, and 4.02 million tons have been collected so far; the northern reservoir is estimated to receive 1.4 million tons, which has already received 450,000 tons tons; the central region is expected to receive 8 million tons, and has received 3.33 million tons; the south is expected to receive 1.18 million tons, and has already received 190,000 tons.

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Among the top 5 reservoirs with the most daily income, the top 3 are located in the central part, followed by Sun Moon Lake-Wushe Reservoir with a total receipt of 3.2 million tons, followed by Deji Reservoir with 2.3 million tons and Liyutan Reservoir 1.9 million tons ranked third, Zengwen-Wushantou two reservoirs ranked fourth with a total of 880,000 tons, and Shimen reservoir ranked fifth with 700,000 tons.

Wang Yifeng, spokesperson of the Water Resources Department, said that this wave of rainfall mainly flows into the central part, not only in the upstream reservoir catchment area, but also in the downstream farmland area, which can effectively moisten the soil and help reduce the use of reservoir water for irrigation. Water-saving irrigation in the central region can be said to be a "timely rain".

The water situation in the south is tight, but the first phase of rice production is about to enter the harvesting period.

Wang Yifeng said that there is currently no need for irrigation in the south. At present, the Zengwen-Wushantou reservoirs have a total water volume of more than 78 million tons, and the Nanhua reservoir also has 17.6 million tons of water storage. With various water-saving measures, the water supply can be stabilized until the end of June. , People's livelihood and industrial water are safe.

Although this wave of rainfall helps to relieve the water regime, it will take a few more waves of plum rain to stabilize the water regime.

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