Jin Chuan stabilized the market, the index rose 55 points to recover 15,600 points (file photo)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] The four major U.S. stock indexes closed in the black on Wednesday. However, Taiwan stocks fell in MediaTek, UMC, ABF Substrate, and financial stocks today. The index fell 5.39 points at the opening. Semiconductor stocks, biotechnology, silicon intellectual property, plastics, food, tourism and other stocks rose, and the index turned from black to red. The intraday index once reached 15622 points. The sell orders of electric and other weight stocks were adjusted, and the market rose 55.62 points to close at 15609.03 points, recovering 15600 points, with a turnover of 201.5 billion yuan.

The transaction value of the top 10 rose more and fell less, and the creativity was buying and knocking in. The stock price rose by 25 yuan, closing at 1105 yuan, with a transaction value of 7.729 billion yuan, ranking first; Qihong rose 12.5 yuan, closed at 175.5 yuan, and the transaction value was 6.898 billion yuan , ranked second; TSMC rose 2 yuan to close at 498 yuan, with a transaction value of 6.526 billion yuan, ranking third; Lamex rose 6.5 yuan to close at 279 yuan, with a transaction value of 5.956 billion yuan, ranking fourth; materials-KY rose 15 yuan , closed at 545 yuan, with a transaction value of 4.461 billion yuan, ranking fifth.

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Xinxing rose 1.5 yuan to close at 148.5 yuan, with a transaction value of 4.295 billion yuan, ranking sixth; Dongge Yachting fell 29 yuan to close at 492 yuan, with a transaction value of 4.276 billion yuan, ranking seventh; Alchip-KY fell 5 yuan, closing at 1225 yuan, with a transaction value of 3.751 billion yuan, ranking 8th; MediaTek fell 12 yuan to close at 668 yuan, with a transaction value of 3.715 billion yuan, ranking 9th; Daya rose 2.05 yuan, closing at 31 yuan, with a transaction value of 3.639 billion yuan, ranking No. 10.

Chu Xiangsheng, chairman of South China Investment Advisors, said that U.S. stocks performed poorly on Wednesday, especially technology stocks. Taiwan stocks have been weakened by electronics stocks today, and the broader market index has also pulled back. However, the impact is limited because funds are transferred to biotechnology, plastics, tourism and other stocks.

Since technology stocks such as AMD and Qualcomm do not have a very good outlook, the market has begun to have doubts about the previous electronic stock boom in the second quarter and began to pick up in the third quarter. Under the poor performance of semiconductors, It is also impossible for the market to be too good. It is expected that the market will fluctuate in a range. It is recommended that investors should not hold too much shares, but for low-level shareholders, they should also establish some positions at low prices. , Be careful not to chase high, as the shareholding ratio is about 50%.

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