Tong Zixian attended the symposium on "Taiwan's ICT Industry Global Supply Chain and Environmentally Friendly Layout" organized by the Taipei Computer Association this morning.

(Photo by reporter Fang Weijie)

[Reporter Fang Weijie/Taipei Report] Hon Hai (2317) founder Guo Taiming emphasized yesterday that Taiwan must be short of electricity, Pegatron (4938) chairman Tong Zixian today slapped Gou’s opinion, Tong said: "I don’t think Taiwan will be short of electricity. I believe that Taipower and the Ministry of Economic Affairs have the ability to deal with the problem of power shortage.” But Tong also emphasized that dealing with carbon emission power generation is the real focus at present. Otherwise, although Taiwan has benefited from the semiconductor industry’s ability to have both sides in the international arena, carbon emissions will make Taiwan’s left and right sides Difficult.

Tong Zixian said that Guo Taiming's statement about Taiwan's power shortage is "Very special (very special)" and "we can feel it for a while." As the economy continues to make progress, within the foreseeable five years, electricity demand may grow by 15% to 20% compared to the present. "I have calculated that in the past five years, the annual growth rate has been at least 3%."

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Tong Zixian pointed out that if Taiwan’s economy wants to grow in the future, it must choose between traditional power generation, renewable energy and nuclear energy. For nuclear fusion power generation, which is like a dream in the future, it must first be able to train and reserve talents, otherwise it will There is not even a foundation for development. There are different opinions on the technology maturity of small nuclear power plants, which are currently highly discussed. Some say 3 or 5 years, and some say 10 years, but it is definitely not possible to be completed by 2023 to 2025.

Tong Zixian mentioned that he has already publicly opposed the "20% green energy" ratio in the 2025 non-nuclear homeland. The global carbon-free power generation has reached 39%, and it is about to enter 40%. Taiwan is now less than 20%, and the total of relying on 10% of nuclear energy is only nearly 17%, which is more than half behind. Taiwan's per capita carbon emissions and economic output value In terms of carbon emissions, it is now a cattle herding class.

Tong Zixian said that there is no way not to think about the development of nuclear energy. This is because the Ukrainian-Russian War has been fought for a year, and Ukraine, which uses nuclear power heavily, still has electricity available. Finland, an environmentally friendly country with a population of only 5.5 million, has recently restarted the largest single nuclear power plant in Europe. Energy nuclear power plants, nuclear energy has some concerns after all, but the accidents are very special cases, and the proportion is too small. "I advocate strengthening training, high salaries, and strict systems to ensure the safety of nuclear energy." "Global warming is a The public enemy of mankind, but nuclear energy is not", Tong supports that nuclear one, nuclear two and nuclear three can be restarted.

But in response to Terry Gou's "one county, one nuclear power plant", Tong Zixian said that it is still necessary to take into account the aspirations of the people around the site. "Don't talk about nuclear power plants. Setting up a coal-fired plant behind our house is unbearable."

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