Malaysia is worried about financial risks and raised interest rates by 1 yard.

(Associated Press)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] Malaysia's central bank announced on the 3rd that it would raise interest rates by 1 yard to 3%, which is the first rate hike since November 2022. The main reason is to avoid any risk of future financial imbalances and decided to follow up the rate hike.

"The balance of risks to the inflation outlook is on the upside and remains vulnerable to any changes in domestic policies, such as subsidies and price controls, financial market developments and global commodity prices," Bank Negara Malaysia said in a statement. Among the 19 economists, only 3 predicted that the central bank will raise interest rates by 1 yard, and the rest believe that it will stay at 2.75% for the third consecutive time.

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The central bank briefly stopped raising interest rates at the beginning of this year, and suddenly raised interest rates this month, which means that the domestic benchmark interest rate is returning to the level before the epidemic, and domestic demand is strong and the government is about to reduce gasoline and diesel subsidies. "Given the continued strength of the Malaysian economy, the MPC also recognizes the need to ensure that the stance of monetary policy is appropriate to prevent the risk of future financial imbalances."

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