Despite the sales of Sony's PS5 game console, profits are still due to a decline in financial business. The stock price fell nearly 5% today due to the news.


[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] Sony Group (Sony) announced last Friday that its annual operating profit in March 2023 hit a record high, but for the current fiscal year, it is expected that the profit will drop by 3.2% to 1.17 trillion yen (about NT$2668.77) 100 million yuan), lower than analysts’ average expectation of 1.275 trillion yen (approximately NT$290.827 billion). Due to the overly conservative outlook, the stock price once dropped to 12,215 yen on Monday, falling 4.79%. Fortunately, it was bought in the afternoon. The decline converged, and it fell 1.83% to close at 12,595 yen.

According to foreign media reports, Japan's Sony (Sony) said on Friday that due to the company's sales of a record 19.1 million PlayStation 5 (PS5) game consoles in the past year, it will drive the company's net income growth in fiscal year 2022 (as of March 31 this year) 6%, but due to the poor performance of its financial holding company, it is expected that the company's profit in fiscal year 2023 (as of March 31 next year) will drop to 1.17 trillion yen.

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Affected by Sony's "too conservative" outlook, today's stock price opened lower, opening at 12,300 yen, with a sharp drop of 530 yen at the opening, and once touched 12,215 yen in early trading, a drop of nearly 5%. Convergence, it fell 1.83% at the end, closing at 12,595 yen.

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