Meta, Alphabet, Amazon and Microsoft mentioned AI a total of 168 times at the law conference last week, showing the attention of technology giants to artificial intelligence technology.

(AFP, synthesized by this newspaper)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] The issue of artificial intelligence (AI) has recently attracted the attention of the industry and the market. Talking about AI and how the company will use artificial intelligence to enhance its products and services, the four companies mentioned AI 168 times in total, showing how much technology giants pay attention to this transformative technology.

"Business Insider" reported that the four technology giants mentioned AI 168 times in the conference, of which Alphabet mentioned the most with 64 times.

Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai said at the meeting that the company's product updates this year have added "deep computing science and AI."

Pichai first announced the launch of the chat robot Bard in March this year, challenging OpenAI's ChatGPT, but Alphabet's action was considered too "hasty" by the outside world.

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Microsoft mentioned AI a total of 50 times at the law conference. Microsoft has invested tens of billions of dollars in OpenAI so far and promised to continue investing.

Meta is also optimistic about AI, and mentioned AI 47 times in the meeting, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said AI 27 times alone.

Zuckerberg said Meta is using AI to create "visual creation tools" for Instagram users.

Zuckerberg noted that AI infrastructure has been a "prime driver" of increased spending in recent years, but that investment will continue as new models emerge.

In contrast, Amazon mentioned AI just seven times. The e-commerce giant announced that it would develop language models for use in chatbots, a project that Chief Executive Andy Jassy said would cost billions of dollars. , and took many years, and added that there will be a small number of companies willing to invest time and money, and Amazon will be one of them.

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