Electronic stability, the index rose 36 points to recover 15,400 points (file photo)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] The four major U.S. stock indexes rose slightly on Wednesday. Taiwan stocks fell slightly at the opening of TSMC today. The index fell 0.24 points at the opening. Winbond Electronics and other electronic stocks went up and down, and the index rose all the way up, rising by more than 80 points, reaching 15,455 points. The increase in the index converged, and it closed at 15411.49 points, up 36.86 points, with a turnover of 202.3 billion yuan.

The top 10 transaction values ​​rose more and fell less. TSMC undertook bargain hunting in legal persons. The final stock price rose by 2 yuan to close at 493.5 yuan, with a transaction value of 14.511 billion yuan, ranking first; Alchip-KY rose 45 yuan to close at 1215 yuan. The value was 7.317 billion yuan, ranking second; Hanxiang rose 1.6 yuan to close at 57.5 yuan, with a transaction value of 6.301 billion yuan, ranking third; Creative rose 13 yuan to close at 970 yuan, with a transaction value of 5.587 billion yuan, ranking 4th; materials- KY fell 7 yuan to close at 428 yuan, with a transaction value of 4.3 billion yuan, ranking fifth.

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Weiying rose 30 yuan to close at 1165 yuan, with a transaction value of 3.643 billion yuan, ranking sixth; Qihong rose 7.5 yuan to close at 153.5 yuan, with a transaction value of 3.285 billion yuan, ranking 7th; UMC rose 0.45 yuan to close at 48.85 yuan, ranking 7th. Its value was 3.076 billion yuan, ranking 8th; MediaTek rose 13 yuan to close at 662 yuan, with a transaction value of 3.051 billion yuan, ranking 9th; Xinxing fell 2.5 yuan to close at 136.5 yuan, with a transaction value of 2.97 billion yuan, ranking 10th.

Senior analyst Xu Bojie said that Taiwan stocks are currently pulling up TSMC, and Meta's financial report and outlook are good, and related AI concept stocks are also moving, such as cooling groups, and stocks that have fallen more before have also followed suit. rebound.

However, given the poor performance and outlook of semiconductors, it is not easy for the short-term index to rise sharply. Fortunately, domestic capital is in the market. Will fluctuate in the range.

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