Asia University implements the Ministry of Education's "Design War National Policy" art and design talent cultivation plan. Among them, the "Design Power from Asia" activity has invited 65 international design masters from 20 countries in the past 10 years, and cultivated nearly 2,000 design talents.

This year's 10th session invited masters from 6 countries including the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, and Hong Kong to give lectures and workshops. High school and college students responded enthusiastically. It is an annual event in the design industry!

Lin Pansong, chair professor of Asian University who is in charge of the project, said that from 2006 to now, 1,543 works of the "Design War National Policy Project" have won international competition awards, with a prize money of 7.98 million yuan. attention.

President Cai Jinfa of Asia University pointed out that because of this plan of the Ministry of Education, Taiwan’s design talents have been cultivated for a long time, and Asia University has been encouraged to encourage students to participate in international design competitions; 1 winner, the creative entrepreneurship of the award-winning alumni has excellent performance in the workplace!

Among the 6 international design masters this year, Jason Frazier, the co-host of the Colorado International Poster Invitational Exhibition, called for environmental issues to be addressed through design.

Lu Xuanzhi, director of the Korean Modern Design Association, believes that "intuitive design" can quickly convey information on posters.

Ashish Deshpande, founder of the Indian Industrial Design Association, said that various materials can be applied to different carriers to form a good design.

Samsung Yassumi, founder of Samsung Design in Japan, pointed out that thinking and making again and again will make the design more perfect.

Dai Lixiang, director of DesignZ, a sustainable development design center in Singapore, said that what designers have to do is to bring dreams into reality.

Lin Chunju, a new-generation fashion designer in Hong Kong, said that Chinese clothing is like the skin of the Chinese society, and they need to regain their identity and value.

The picture shows Asia University President Cai Jinfa (4th from right), Asia University Chair Professor Lin Pansong (1st from left), and 6 international design masters who participated in the 10th "Design Power from Asia" and others.

One student from the Department of Digital Media at the University of Asia won nearly 100 international design awards

Chen Guoyiyan, a student from the Department of Digital Media at Asia University, is a regular winner of design competitions. During his studies at Asia University, he has won nearly 100 international design awards.

His "365days Taiwan Food Calendar" work (pictured on the left) won 20 international awards including this year's German iF Design Award and last year's German Red Dot Design Award.

1 piece of work won 20 international awards such as German iF, Red Dot, etc. The product raised 1 million yuan

Chen Guo said that he drew pictures of 365 dishes of Taiwanese cuisine according to months, festivals, 24 solar terms, constellations, and seasonal products, and printed out a 365-day calendar with one sheet per day.

Then design a gourmet bento box, with a calendar on the left side, you can enjoy the day's food card according to the picture, and then use the perfect food card to store in the space on the right side of the bento box as a souvenir.

This design was made into a product on the fundraising platform, raising 1 million yuan.

One of Chen Guo's works won him the "first bucket of gold" in his life, and he used the proceeds to participate in more international design competitions.

He has successively won nearly 100 design-related international awards from 35 countries including the United States, Germany, and France, and his strength is astonishing!

The picture shows the design work "365 Days Taiwan Food Calendar" by Chen Guoyiyan, which has successively won 20 design awards at home and abroad, such as the German Red Dot and iF.