Minister of Digital Development Tang Feng (2nd from right) met with the delegation led by Alain Richard (3rd from right), Vice President of the French Senate and Chairman of the Taiwan Friendship Group.

(provided by the digital department)

[Reporter Xu Ziling/Taipei Report] Minister of Digital Development Tang Fengjin (25th) met with Alain Richard, Vice President of the French Senate and Chairman of the Taiwan Friendship Group, and exchanged views on improving digital resilience. Richard praised the Digital Department as a democratic The national government's digital pioneer hopes to learn from Taiwan's successful digital development model and implement the spirit of co-creation in infrastructure construction and service design systems.

Tang Feng said at the meeting that Chairman Li Cha is welcome to lead a delegation to visit Taiwan for the fourth time. Last week, Eric Bothorel, chairman of the Taiwan Friendship Group of the French National Assembly, also led a delegation to visit. The visit to Taiwan and the Ministry of Digital Affairs demonstrated the profound friendship between Taiwan and France. I hope that the visiting group can feel the democratic value of Taiwan's diversity and integration during this trip.

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The French side is concerned about digital governance issues. Tang Feng pointed out that "universal cash sharing for all" is an example. When responding to policy needs, it is not necessarily necessary to develop new applications. Through the existing perfect identity verification mechanism, combining information flow and cash flow , so that all citizens can obtain services in the most convenient way through online registration, ATM or post office counters.

This set of practices can be used to promote digital public construction in the future and provide repeated use by various agencies.

Tang Feng also mentioned that our country is currently conducting consultations and planning preparations for improving the legal concept of "data public welfare". Under the premise of public welfare, we invite all walks of life to actively share non-personal data. In line with the EU's "Data Governance Act" to strengthen the social resilience of the democratic camp.

Tang Feng said that in the face of digital threats, the digital literacy of healthy citizens is the fundamental solution.

The Chinese government invites people from all walks of life to use the spirit of co-creation to put forward innovative proposals for public welfare at the "Presidents Cup Hackathon", form partnerships with public officials, work together to improve policies, and enhance the value of democracy in the digital age.

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