"AI wave impacts policy, industry, and social development" 5/15 (Mon) seminar event registration.

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[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] The Yu Ji-chung Foundation will hold a seminar on "AI Wave Impacts Policy, Industry, and Social Development" on May 15 in the Liang Guoshu Conference Hall of National Taiwan University. Interested parties from all walks of life are welcome to sign up for the seminar.

The organizer pointed out that since the 21st century, digital technology has surpassed the development curve of the industrial revolution and has evolved at an unimaginable speed.

From cloud computing, big data analysis, to today's artificial intelligence and the latest ChatGPT, it has had a huge impact on human life, both tangible and intangible; relying on AI robots to produce a large amount of accurate text content through learning, such as writing papers, news reports, and marketing Proposals and bill analysis can be expected to completely change the direction of future industrial development, policy and education guidelines.

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At the same time, the technology industry has also begun to express different voices.

In March 2023, Tesla CEO Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and other high-level technology industry executives publicly called for a six-month suspension of training AI systems. They believed that these systems may bring many risks to society and humans; thus It can be seen that under the high-speed competition of related industries, a civilized society seems to have added many conveniences, but it is also full of various challenges and hidden worries.

From all perspectives, the products of artificial intelligence, from drawing to writing, hide many unsolved problems.

Copyright ownership and identification? Information security and social problems caused by the difficulty of distinguishing between true and false information? Can government policies keep up with technological breakthroughs and regulate generative artificial intelligence?

How should the business world respond to transformation and challenges? These are issues that need to be discussed and seek consensus with a humanistic spirit and through a macro perspective.

Yu Jizhong Foundation has continued to care about digital development in recent years. From Web2.0 to Web3.0, this is an era driven by digital waves; feeling the ever-changing technology industry and its increasingly far-reaching influence, this seminar invites Soochow Xue Qi, a visiting professor at the university, served as the moderator, and Zhan Wennan (co-founder and dean of the School of Digital Transformation, adjunct professor of the National Taiwan University Business Research Institute), Yu Xiaoxian (Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Industrial Technology Research Institute), Chen Jiajun (lawyer, Chairman of Taiwan Information and Intellectual Property Association), Chen Yannong (Associate Professor of Department of Engineering, National Taiwan University), Shi Licheng (General Manager of Public and Legal Affairs Department of Microsoft Taiwan), Shi Zhenrong (Founder of Acer Group) and others delivered speeches on different topics. Dialogue with each other will lead Taiwan to go international and look forward to the future under the difficult prospect.

Topics for discussion:

●The development status, impact and challenges of AI industry

● The government's AI industry guidelines and policy formulation

The attack and defense of the development of the AI ​​industry on law and power and its considerations

● Changes and impacts of AI development on human society

Venue: Liang Guoshu Conference Hall, National Taiwan University

Meeting time: May 15, 2023 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Registration URL: https://forms.gle/LjnBsqxhuiEJ7gAg7

Meeting process:



main content

Speaker experience


Yu Fanying

Speech by the sponsor

Chairman of Yu Jizhong Foundation


Xue Qi

Speech by the host

Chair Professor of Soochow University


Zhan Wennan

Strategies and guidelines in the development of AI

Co-founder and Dean of the School of Digital Transformation, Adjunct Professor of the Institute of Business Studies, National Taiwan University


Yu Xiaoxian

Review and Prospect of AI Wave Impact

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of ITRI


Shi Zhenrong

AI smart world, how will the layout of Taiwan go?

Founder of Acer Group




Chen Jiajun

AI Applications and the Future of Lawmaking and Reconciliation

Lawyer, Chairman of Taiwan Information Intellectual Property Association


Chen Yunong

AI flips society, future social impacts and phenomena

Associate Professor, Department of Engineering, National Taiwan University


Shi Licheng

Practical Approaches to Responsible AI: AI Ethics Through Governance

Microsoft Global Assistant General Counsel, General Manager of Public and Legal Affairs Department of Microsoft Taiwan


Comprehensive discussion & QA

For event registration, please scan the QR CODE, or call Ms. Huang of the Yu Jizhong Culture and Education Foundation (02-23065297*307)

"AI wave impacts policy, industry, and social development" 5/15 (Mon) seminar activity registration QR CODE.

(provided by the organizer)

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