New Taipei announced the list of the second wave of illegal employers.

(Provided by the Labor Bureau of New Taipei City)

[Reporter Huang Ziyang/New Taipei Report] Employers should pay attention to labor rights to avoid punishment.

The Labor Bureau of the New Taipei City Government announced today (21) the second wave of employers who violated the Labor Standards Act and the Gender Work Equality Act this year. A total of 236 employers have been fined more than 12 million.

According to the Labor Bureau, among the list of violators this time, "Xintai Industrial Co., Ltd.", a computer peripheral manufacturing company, employs 310 workers. Violated the same regulation 6 times, so the penalty was increased by 500,000 yuan.

Chen Ruijia, director of the Labor Bureau, explained that failure to pay overtime pay in accordance with the law is the most serious violation of the Labor Standards Act, with a total of 54 companies, followed by 33 companies that "failed to pay labor wages according to the contract", and 28 companies that "failed to record the time of labor departure and withdrawal on a daily basis" ; Violations of the Occupational Safety Law were most common in failure to provide necessary safety and sanitation facilities, with 79 companies violating the Sex Work Law, 2 companies did not take immediate and effective corrective and remedial measures for sexual harassment in the workplace; One company was fined as a labor union member; two companies violated labor pension regulations and failed to pay severance pay according to law.

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The Labor Bureau explained the situation of illegal employers. Among them, "National Electronics" was fined 300,000 yuan for discriminatory behavior against laborers who are union members, which seriously affected the rights and interests of laborers; A total of 240,000 yuan was imposed for violations such as recording labor wage details, failing to record the time of departure and departure of laborers on a daily basis, making laborers work overtime, and failing to give laborers holiday rest.

In response to the increase of the penalty amount under the "Labor Standards Act" to 1 million yuan, Chen Ruijia said that the Labor Bureau had revised and announced the new penalty benchmark on June 8, 2019, and determined the penalty amount according to the number of violations, the number of workers employed, and the circumstances of the violation. , If the violating institution is a listed/cabinet company, the penalty amount will be increased by 20%.

The Labor Bureau urges employers to abide by the laws and regulations, so as to avoid high fines at that time; the complete list of violating employers has been imported to the "Illegal Employers Query" section of "New Taipei Labor Cloud" ( cloud/Violate).

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