Google CEO Sundar Pichai.


[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] In the CBS program "60 Minutes", Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in an interview that "every product in every company" will be controlled by artificial intelligence. (AI) and warns society of the need to prepare for technologies that have already been rolled out.

Pichai said that our society needs to adapt to AI. Professions that will be disrupted by AI include "knowledge workers" such as writers, accountants, architects and software engineers.

He believes this will affect "every product from every company."

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For example, Pichai, if you are a radiologist, imagine that 5 to 10 years from now, there will be an AI working with you. When you wake up in the morning and face hundreds of pending tasks, it will Be able to tell you which are the top priorities.

However, AI technology may also pose other risks.

Pichai pointed out that fake information and fake news are very problematic in this regard. He emphasized that one of the risks of generative AI is deep fake videos (deep fake videos), in which a person's behavior may be faked , such as making a statement that has never been said before.

Therefore, referring to Google's previous document on "Regulatory AI Proposals," Pichai pointed out that society must quickly adapt to laws and treaties that regulate abuse in order to ensure the impact of AI on the world.

He said: "This cannot be decided by a company, which is why I believe that the development of new technologies requires not only the efforts of engineers, but also the participation of social scientists, ethicists, and philosophers."

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