Taiwan Bank Chairman Lu Jucheng (left) and AUO Chairman Peng Shuanglang co-chaired AUO's 25 billion yuan sustainable index-linked syndicated loan.

(Provided by Taiwan Bank)

[Reporter Chen Meiying/Taipei Report] Bank of Taiwan co-organized and sponsored the 5-year NT$25 billion sustainable index-linked syndicated loan case of panel maker AUO (2409), and successfully completed the signing today.

The joint credit deal was oversubscribed by 280% to reach 56 billion yuan, and it was finally finalized to close the case at 25 billion yuan, fully demonstrating the financial industry's support for AUO's business philosophy and development strategy.

Today's signing ceremony was co-chaired by Taiwan Bank Chairman Lu Jucheng and AUO Chairman Peng Shuanglang.

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In addition to Taiwan Bank, there are 12 other banks involved in this joint loan case, including First Bank, Tuyin, Huayin, Taiwan Enterprise Bank and Taipei Fubon, CITIC, DBS, Changyin and Zhaofeng, Yongfeng Bank, and Taixin Bank. Co-sponsored by 18 participating banks.

The main purpose of the AUO joint loan case is to enrich the medium-term operating turnover needs, and Taiwan Bank is the management bank.

Bank of Taiwan pointed out that even in the face of slowing market demand, AUO can still prudently maintain the overall financial structure and stability. The net debt ratio of 3.3% is the lowest level in the downturn in history, demonstrating the effectiveness of management.

In addition, this joint credit case is also a "sustainable index-linked" joint loan case, which shows that in addition to pursuing reasonable profits, the banking industry can also fulfill corporate social responsibilities and support AUO's sustainable growth with practical actions. 

AUO is a global leader in optoelectronic solutions. With display technology at its core, it continues to actively invest in "dual-axis transformation", refines the added value of display technology (Go Premium), and deepens vertical market applications (Go Vertical).

In response to the international trend of linking up with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), AUO officially became a member of the global renewable energy initiative RE100 in 2022, becoming the first company in the global display manufacturing industry to commit to using renewable energy in an all-round way by 2050.

In addition, in terms of corporate sustainability promotion achievements in 2022, AUO has been selected as a constituent company of the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index for 13 consecutive years, has been awarded the MSCI ESG index rating of A, and has continuously been awarded the corporate governance evaluation of Taiwan's "Stock Exchange" The top 5%; in the evaluation of ESG, there must be many outstanding performances, and it has won many honors such as the Top Ten Exemplary Enterprises of the Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Award, the National Enterprise Environmental Protection Award, and the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index.

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