Wang Yong, the founder of Formosa Plastics, lives in the old factory area.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Huiwen)

Formosa Plastics founders Wang Yongqing and Wang Yong are displayed in the old office in Kunzhong Park.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Huiwen)

[Reporter Zhang Huiwen/Taipei Report] Kaohsiung Formosa Plastics Wang’s Kunzhong Park is the “homestead” of Formosa Plastics. Today (15th) the “International Day of Monuments and Sites” will be held, announcing that the entire district will be open to the public at the same time. Formosa Plastics has invested 860 million yuan 13 historical buildings and memorial buildings are preserved in the park to witness the historical splendor of Taiwan's petrochemical industry from the era of US aid. Wang Wenyuan, President of Formosa Plastics, and Chen Qimai, Mayor of Kaohsiung, participated in person today.

The founders of Formosa Plastics, Wang Yongqing and Wang Yongzai, received a loan of US$780,000 from the United States in 1954 to establish Formosa Plastics Corporation, which was later renamed Taiwan Plastics Corporation.

At that time, in the late 1930s, the Shijia area of ​​Kaohsiung formed the Xishijia industrial zone due to Japan’s southward expansion policy. Under the foundation of the Japanese construction, there were chemical industries such as Taiwan alkali, Taiwan fertilizer, Taiwan aluminum, and Kaohsiung’s curium sulfate in the early post-war period. factory.

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In order to make full use of chlorine gas, a by-product of Taiwan Soda, the two founders decided to build Taiwan's first calcium carbide process to produce 4 tons of polyvinyl chloride (PVC for short) in Shijia area, which is the Kaohsiung plant of Formosa Plastics. The factory is the founder of Taiwan's plastic industry.

Wang Wenyuan said that the development history of Formosa Plastics is a microcosm of the history of Taiwan's economic development. It not only created a unparalleled plastic three-processing system, but also created a large amount of foreign exchange income for Taiwan's initial economic difficulties and laid a solid foundation for economic development; Later, it also contributed to the vigorous development of the petrochemical industry and contributed a lot to the development of Taiwan's economy.

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