The Water Conservancy Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs continues to search for water, and the inventory includes strengthening regional dispatch, drought-resistant wells, sea and fresh water and other drought-resistant measures.

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[Reporter Liao Jianing/Report from Taipei] In order to survive the dry season stably, the Water Conservancy Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs continues to search for water and take stock of various drought-resistant water source measures, including strengthening regional dispatch, drought-resistant wells, fresh sea water, and improving the efficiency of recycled water. It is expected that the daily increase will be 240,000 tons of water support.

Spring rains are scarce, and there is little chance of Meiyu catching up with thirst in early May. Hsinchu, Taichung (including northern Changhua), and Chiayi are now showing yellow lights for decompression water supply, while Tainan and Kaohsiung are showing orange lights for reducing water supply.

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The Water Conservancy Department pointed out that the overall drought-relief water source plan can increase 240,000 tons of water per day. Among them, in terms of regional dispatch, the temporary pipeline project from Pingtung to Kaohsiung has been completed, and it is expected that water will be available before April 25, with a daily increase of 36,000 tons. water.

The progress of drilling anti-drought water wells is ahead of schedule, increasing from the original planned target of 136,000 tons of water to 166,000 tons per day, of which, Kaohsiung’s daily increase of 162,000 tons of water, and Chiayi’s daily increase of 4,000 tons of water; The daily water production is 34,000 tons. It is estimated that the daily water production will reach 132,000 tons by the end of April, and the daily water production target will reach 162,000 tons by May.

The emergency desalination units target to add 24,000 tons of water per day before the end of April. Among them, the units transferred from Taichung to Kaohsiung can increase 15,000 tons of water per day, and the units that are put into use in Hsinchu are expected to increase 9,000 tons of water per day.

Tainan Anping Reclaimed Water Plant expanded its production capacity, increasing the water output from 28,000 tons per day to 38,000 tons of water, with a daily increase of 10,000 tons of water capacity; in addition, groundwater at Tainan and Kaohsiung construction sites combined with mobile water purification equipment can increase by 0.4 per day 10,000 tons of water have reached the standard in the first ten days of this month.

In addition, the Water Conservancy Department rushed to start the dredging project of the southern reservoir before the flood season, mobilized the national army and private energy, dispatched more than 880 excavators and 1,700 gravel trucks, and aimed to expand Zengwen, Nanhua, Agongdian, Renyitan, etc. The total amount of reservoir dredging is 680,000 cubic meters. As for the dredging schedule of the central and northern reservoirs such as Shimen, Liyutan, Sun Moon Lake, and Mingde, it will be reviewed on a rolling basis depending on the water conditions.

The Water Resources Department expects to increase water supply by 240,000 tons per day.

(Provided by the Water Resources Department)

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