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The NT dollar has been depreciated three times in a row to 30.505 yuan (photo by reporter Chen Meiying)

[Reporter Chen Meiying/Taipei Report] On the eve of the announcement of the U.S. inflation rate, U.S. stocks rose and fell, while Taiwan stocks closed in the red. The exchange rate of the New Taiwan dollar against the U.S. dollar followed the depreciation of major Asian currencies, and finally closed at 30.505 yuan, a depreciation of 3 cents. The exchange rate depreciated three times in a row, and the turnover was US$1.229 billion.

Taiwan stocks rose 19.09 points today to close at 15932.97 points. The three major legal entities bought a total of 5.988 billion yuan, of which foreign capital bought 5.381 billion yuan.

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Although foreign capital continued to over-buy the stock market, major Asian currencies depreciated. In the afternoon, the exchange rate of the New Taiwan dollar was also strengthened by the demand for the US dollar, and it depreciated below the 30.5 yuan mark. Tonight, we will see the performance of the US CPI data.

The United States will announce the March Consumer Price Index (CPI) before the U.S. stock market on Wednesday (12th). The market expects that the overall inflation rate will increase by 0.2%, and the core inflation rate will increase by 0.4%. The Fed will appreciate 1% in May. However, after the second half of the year, whether to cut the interest rate or maintain the high interest rate level until the end of the year, the current market opinions are still divided, which also supports the continued consolidation of the US dollar around 102, and the exchange rate of the New Taiwan dollar is still falling Between 30.3 yuan and 30.8 yuan.

According to the 4-point exchange rate announced by the central bank, the U.S. dollar index fell slightly by 0.16% before the announcement of the inflation rate. However, except for the RMB, the major Asian currencies fell sharply. As far as the Taiwan dollar is concerned, the New Taiwan dollar depreciated by 0.1% today, which is not a serious depreciation.

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