Minister of Digital Development Tang Feng was invited to give a video hearing in the French Parliament to share Taiwan's experience in fighting against foreign digital interference.

(Provided by the Taipei Representative Office in France)

[Reporter Xu Ziling/Taipei Report] After French President Macron's appeasement remarks towards China, Minister of Digital Development Tang Fengjin (12th) was invited to give a video hearing in the French Parliament to share Taiwan's experience in fighting against foreign digital interference.

Tang Feng said that Taiwan is one of the top hotspots for information security in the world. These cyber attacks are trying to undermine the public's trust in the democratic system. "Taiwan's situation is not an isolated case, and it is by no means unrelated to Europe." Russia's aggressive behavior in Ukraine is a clear example of the importance of road wars.

Tang Feng attended the hearing of the "Foreign Interference Investigative Committee" of the French National Assembly online at about 8:00 p.m. Members asked questions, and the content of the meeting will be included in the official website of the French National Assembly for public reference.

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Tang Feng said that Taiwan is an important partner of global digital democracy, and it is also at the front line of the democratic camp facing the authoritarian expansion system, facing the threat of a large number of overseas cyber attacks.

For example, in 2022, hackers’ attacks on the Taiwan government through information security loopholes will increase by about two times compared to 2021; and for example, when the then Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in 2022, Taiwan suffered 23 times the normal number of overseas cyber attacks , Electronic billboards have also been tampered with by hackers into hate messages.

Tang Feng pointed out that the situation in Taiwan is by no means a single incident, nor is it unrelated to Europe.

The world has witnessed the growing importance of cyber warfare. Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is a clear example. As a member of the democratic camp, Taiwan feels the threat of authoritarian expansionism and does not hesitate to extend a helping hand to Ukraine. As an important country in Europe and the democratic camp, I believe the attitude shown is an important signal to the whole world."

Tang Feng said that totalitarian regimes use technology to consolidate power and redefine Internet norms, manipulating the Internet to control and polarize digital communities.

Taiwan established the Ministry of Digital Development to respond with the core goal of realizing "digital resilience for all".

The Ministry of Digital Affairs organizes public and private information security forces to conduct offensive and defensive drills to ensure that critical infrastructure can still operate as usual in emergencies.

The digital department also promotes the "never trust, continuous verification" information security zero-trust architecture, the official website adopts the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) to join hands with the global community in joint defense, and verifies the feasibility of using non-synchronous orbit satellites for emergency backup communication networks Various measures, including Taiwan, are committed to enhancing Taiwan's digital resilience and strengthening ties with democratic partners.

Tang Feng called on all walks of life to join hands with Taiwan in pursuing digital resilience and show the world the tenacity of democracy.

In April last year, on behalf of Taiwan, she signed the "Future Internet Declaration" with representatives of more than 60 countries including France. Resilience Building for Human Rights, Freedom and Mutual Trust.

French lawmakers are concerned about the impact of AI and the manipulation of same-marriage public opinion by foreign forces

During the meeting, the French parliamentarians were concerned about how Taiwan should respond to the rapid development of generative AI and the possible concentration of power. Tang Feng explained that all walks of life in my country have close cooperation with the international open source community, so they can quickly respond to the emergence of emerging transformative technologies.

For example, BLOOM, an open-source language model invested and trained by the French government, has become the basis for the development of related technologies in Taiwan. It also shows the importance of public code when the democratic camps cooperate to face challenges.

In addition, French parliamentarians are also concerned about Taiwan's response to the totalitarian camp's use of freedom of speech in democratic countries before the legalization of same-sex marriage, and through the calculation of cross-border digital platforms to create differences and divisions.

Tang Feng pointed out that these foreign forces are not simply "opposing the same" or "supporting the same", but taking the opportunity to amplify the confrontation and polarize social discourse.

Therefore, civil society in Taiwan requires Facebook and other social platforms not to accept foreign forces to publish advertisements involving political and social issues before the general election or referendum. Such domestic advertisements should also disclose the source of funds to prevent people with intentions from manipulating speech and intensifying opposition.

The French National Assembly approved the establishment of the "Foreign Interference Investigation Committee" on December 6, 2022, with regard to foreign governments, organizations, enterprises, interest groups and individuals who attempt to influence or bribe French opinion leaders and leaders through political, economic and financial means or political parties etc. to investigate.

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