China conducted a military exercise around Taiwan again, and Indian scholar Husana, who was visiting Taiwan, posted a photo of Taiwanese bird watching, expressing that many people are enjoying a happy holiday.

(Picture taken from Husana Twitter)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] China announced on the 8th that it will conduct a three-day "Taiwan Island Combat Guard Patrol" and "United Sword" exercise. The Indian scholar Hu Shana who was visiting Taiwan even posted two photos today, one It is his leisure time eating delicious sandwiches in Hebin Park, and a photo of Taiwanese bird watching shows that many people are enjoying a happy holiday.

Just as the CCP is conducting another military exercise around Taiwan, Shana Hu, a visiting scholar at the Taiwan Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF), posted on her personal Twitter that as China continues to intimidate Taiwan militarily and establishes a new normal, many people are enjoying themselves day.

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Husana added a photo of enjoying a sandwich in Hebin Park. The sandwich was bitten and looked delicious. Taipei 101 was vaguely seen in the photo, and the view was quite good.

Later, Hu Shana posted another photo, saying that there were still people watching birds.

Netizens laughed and said, "This is too provocative" and "The sandwich looks delicious, I want one too."

Another netizen left a message saying, why can't the CCP replay the video of the military exercise during Pelosi's visit to Taiwan last year?

Update from Taiwan:

As China continues military intimidation of Taiwan & to establish a new norm, several of us are out enjoying a pleasant day. ✌️

Happy Sunday from Taiwan!

— Sana Hashmi | Hu Shana (@sanahashmi1) April 9, 2023

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