Electronic anticlimactic, the index rose 25 points to recover the 5-day line (data photo)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] The four major U.S. stock indexes closed in the black on Thursday, but TSMC and UMC ADR closed in the red. Taiwan stocks led the gains in electronic stocks today. The index opened higher and reached 15877 points. However, during the session In the adjustment of electronic stock sell orders, the final index rose slightly by 25.73 points to close at 15836.5 points, recovering the 5-day line, with a turnover of 175.6 billion yuan.

The top 10 transaction values ​​rose more and fell less. Lamex rose 3.5 yuan to close at 273 yuan, ranking first with a transaction value of 6.254 billion yuan; Creative rose 10 yuan to close at 1080 yuan, with a transaction value of 5.248 billion yuan, ranking second; TSMC It rose 1 yuan to close at 531 yuan, with a transaction value of 4.528 billion yuan, ranking third; Evergreen rose 5.5 yuan to close at 163.5 yuan, with a transaction value of 4.118 billion yuan, ranking fourth; Huafu fell 1.7 yuan to close at 80.4 yuan, with a transaction value of 40.90 yuan billion, ranking fifth.

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Alchip-KY rose 40 yuan to close at 1,250 yuan, ranking 6th with a transaction value of 3.507 billion yuan; MediaTek fell 4 yuan to close at 749 yuan, with a transaction value of 3.23 billion yuan, ranking 7th; Zhiyuan fell 1 yuan to close at 200 yuan , with a transaction value of 3.155 billion yuan, ranking 8th; Huacheng rose 5.5 yuan to close at 78.9 yuan, with a transaction value of 3.002 billion yuan, ranking 9th; ZTE rose 1.1 yuan to close at 96.8 yuan, with a transaction value of 2.994 billion yuan, ranking 10th .

Senior analyst Xu Bojie said that the four major U.S. stock indexes rose more and fell less yesterday, and Taiwan stocks followed suit today. However, the economic data released by the United States during the Qingming holiday was not very good. Yesterday, Taiwan stocks diverted funds to biotechnology and military industries Therefore, although Taiwan stocks opened higher today, the mainstream stocks are not obvious. The stocks with strong market performance are mainly mobile phone components, memory, high-priced stocks, and silicon intellectual property.

Xu Bojie pointed out that the short-term index fluctuates in the range when the volume can not be produced. Since the market space is not large, so in terms of operation, the pace should not be too fast. In terms of layout, you can choose a good target first, wait for the stock price to pull back, and then bargain Undertake, don't chase high.

He further pointed out that as long as the market does not fall below the monthly line, and the original mainstream stocks of energy storage, military industry, silicon intellectual property, IC design, and high-priced stocks do not weaken, and AI-related stocks continue to heat up, there is no need to worry too much.

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