Yaxin Group (5213) held a ground-breaking ceremony on the 29th for the third pre-sale project of the 14th phase of Taichung, "Yaxin Concord", which advertised "affordable luxury". Chairman Yao Liandi went south to preside over the ground-breaking ceremony in person, which is a clear indication of his love for Taichung. market attention.

Yaxin held a groundbreaking ceremony on the 29th. From left, architect Xu Xianrui, Taichung Director Chen Qide, Yaxin Group Chairman Yao Liandi, and Juno Tanaka took a group photo at the groundbreaking press conference.

The Yaxin Group, which is starting to build its headquarters in Taichung, is moving south all the way. In 2023, the number of proposals in Taiwan will be 30 billion, while "Xinlianxin" in Linkou, "Yaxin Xiangyang" in Taoyuan, "Xinjianzhu" in Toufen, Miaoli, Taichung "Yaxin Yixu" and Taipei Main Station "Yaxin Huawei" will enter the account this year, and the annual revenue is estimated to be tens of billions.

Yao Liandi, chairman of Yaxin Group (5213), shared the layout of this year's proposals at the Yaxin Unanimous Groundbreaking Ceremony.

Yaxin has laid out Taichung very early, and the 14th phase is the first choice. The first project "Yaxin Yixu" will be completed in the fourth quarter; the "Yaxin Yimu" that has started construction is expected to be handed over in the first quarter of 2025; "Yaxin Yiyi" It is Yaxin's first livable building in Taichung, and the case is sold smoothly.

In the second quarter of this year, new pre-sale projects with more than 300 households and a base of 1,000 square meters will be launched in the Zhongming South Road area.

It is reported that the new project on Zhongming South Road is two 28-story super high-rise buildings, which are the future index construction projects in Taichung North District.

In addition, there are still new projects in Mayuantou, Chongde Road and Dalian Road under active planning.

A model of the reception center area of ​​"Yaxin Concord".

Juno Tanaka praised Yaxin for building a one-stop service from construction to customer service

Yaxin Group (5213) is pushing the case in Taichung with great momentum, mainly because its emphasis on construction methods suits the appetite of the Taichung market; Yao Liandi said that when he visited Japan 23 years ago, he was inspired by Japanese delicate construction methods, so he cooperated with Tanaka Juno, a retired technician from Zhuzhong Gongwu Store. He came to guide the structural construction method, and internalized quality control as an important DNA of Yaxin Group.

Juno Tanaka (left) attended the press conference for the unanimous start of work of Yaxin Group, appreciated the one-stop service of Yaxin Group from construction to customer service, and took a group photo with Yao Liandi (right), chairman of Yaxin Group.

Juno Tanaka appreciated Yaxin's one-stop service from design to after-sales service.

He said that the most important thing in a building is steel and concrete. Yaxin took the method from Japan and supplemented it with AE high-performance alkaline water gas to improve the quality and durability of concrete. "With less water consumption, there will be fewer cracks in concrete." The steel bar inspection before the first grouting is not only the SOP of Yaxin, but also the unified construction method of the whole Taiwan, without exception, "Taiwan attaches great importance to the sense of luxury and high-end, but for me, the inner content is the most important."

Slowing inflation is expected to introduce foreign workers and the housing market will pick up in 2024

Yao Liandi pointed out that the "Average of Land Rights Regulations" has a greater impact on the purchase of houses by private legal persons, but it still causes the market to wait and see, and the number of transaction days is prolonged; Qiang, take Taichung's "Yaxin Concord" as an example. It has received 700 groups of customer reservations, and it is very popular for self-occupation.

Coupled with the successive return of Taiwanese businessmen, the confidence in the stock market and housing market has greatly increased, and it is difficult for housing prices to fall.

In 2023, the housing market volume will shrink and prices will stabilize, and it is expected to improve in 2024.

Yaxin Group has entered its 30th anniversary this year. The group still aims to purchase land in egg yolk areas and areas with mature living functions. In terms of construction methods, it must follow the guidance of Japanese consultant Juno Tanaka to realize the concept of "Building a house in Yaxin, and rest assured for a lifetime". , Become a model student of Taiwan's construction business.