BeRule, a non-alcoholic beer-flavored whey drink from Taiwan, was selected as the Best New Product in Korea in 2023, and a tasting event was held in a Korean department store.

(Central News Agency)

[Central News Agency] Taiwanese products have a good reputation in the Korean market in recent years. However, due to tariffs and local regulations, the threshold for entering the local market is not low. A Taiwanese wife decided to form a Taiwan team to share her own experience, hoping to improve the market for Taiwanese products. Korean popularity and market share.

During the epidemic, there were many more restaurants and products in South Korea that advertised "Taiwan flavor". In addition to the most well-known beef noodles and pineapple cakes, the non-alcoholic beer-flavored whey drink developed by the Taiwanese team has recently become popular among young people in South Korea. Selected for the 2023 Best New Product Awards in Korea, supported by the Korea Economic Research Institute and the Korea Brand Association, and sponsored by the Korea Daily.

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The organizer said that this year, the popular products that stand out from more than 270 companies participating in the selection include not only the products of large companies, but also products with innovative thinking and new technologies. They have grown against the trend under the pressure of inflation and interest rate hikes, and are of high quality. , creativity and marketability, including BeRule, a non-alcoholic beer-flavored whey drink from Taiwan, which has attracted the attention of young people less than a year after its launch in the Korean market.

The award-winning product introduction pointed out that BeRule's non-alcoholic beer-flavored whey drink overcomes the difficulty of combining protein drinks and sparkling drinks, and successfully retains the aroma of beer, allowing consumers who want to lose weight and even pregnant women to drink "beer" without burden. Therefore, it is loved by consumers, and we are optimistic about the growth of the market share of the series of products in the Korean non-alcoholic market.

It is worth noting that the person responsible for promoting BeRule drinks to seize the Korean market is not a Korean agent or a well-known Taiwanese company, but a Taiwanese wife Wang Tingjia who hopes to help more Taiwanese high-quality products "counterattack" the Korean market.

Wang Tingjia told the Central News Agency that BeRule products were first spotted through the fundraising platform, and at that time they felt that their technology was very powerful, and the products they made made people feel "how could they come up with such an idea".

She said that there is currently no similar product in South Korea, and it has been exposed and responded well at fitness conferences and other events. It is mainly loved by people aged 30 to 40. "The taste of lychee beer is especially popular among women."

Wang Tingjia, who has led a Taiwan team to develop products that have been recognized by the Korean industry, is actually not a trade undergraduate. Talking about her journey from design to trade, Wang Tingjia pointed out, "Now the daigou market is actually quite saturated, but most of the Korean products are exported to Taiwan, I just want to say that in turn, bring Taiwanese products to the Korean market.”

But after getting involved in the related work, Wang Tingjia found that there are many thresholds that foreigners need to spend a lot of effort to overcome. "For example, the e-commerce regulations in South Korea are much stricter than those in Taiwan. As long as you sell things online, you must set up a company. It is not easy to start a small business with a certain amount of capital.” This is one of the reasons why it is difficult for Taiwanese products, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, to enter the Korean market.

"The structure of the distribution industry in South Korea is also different from that in Taiwan. It is necessary to sell products to physical store operators such as hypermarkets and supermarkets through intermediary operators." It takes a lot of time and contacts, considering the language and financial difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises. , Wang Tingjia decided to form her own Taiwan team to participate in Korea's April Merchandise Sourcing Fair, which not only reduces the cost of a single manufacturer coming to Korea, but also "lets Koreans know that there are so many different products in Taiwan."

"BeRule is a starting point." Wang Tingjia, who expects to launch more new flavors in South Korea this summer, said that many manufacturers are actually interested in the Korean market, but most of them are still waiting to see. They hope that through the achievements of the first products, they can show the popularity of Taiwanese products in South Korea. market possibilities.

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