The real estate market in Tainan is booming, the city center and Nanke Shanhua are nearly saturated, and housing prices are rising day by day. In order to support industrial upgrading and urban transformation, the Tainan City Government is also actively promoting urban land rezoning and development. Population density in the central area and balanced regional development. One of the hot topics in this wave of Tainan real estate market is the Nanke effect. Among them, Annan District is located on the axis of Tainan Science and Technology Corridor, connecting the metropolitan area and Nanke to form a technological life circle. The most important thing in Tainan in the future The completion and opening of Phase 4 of the North Outer Ring Road will relieve the traffic on major highways such as National Highway No. 8, Taiwan Highway 1, and Taiwan Highway 19, and quickly connect Shanhua Nanke, Tainan Science and Technology Industrial Park, Yongkang Science and Technology Industrial Park, and Xinji Industrial Park. The industrial park constructs a complete and convenient transportation network, creates a new technology transportation corridor, and promotes the overall development of the region.

Annan District is located on the west side of Tainan, with a total area of ​​107 square kilometers, accounting for 60% of Tainan City. It is also the "largest" administrative district in Tainan and the second largest district after Yongkang District.

Compared with other administrative districts, there are many rezoning areas in this district, and the base period of housing prices is also low, which is the biggest advantage. In addition, this district has ample green space for leisure, as well as large parks, green belts and embankments, etc., and it is close to the The North District and West Central District of the city center are home to the well-known Huayuan Night Market and Wusheng Night Market in Tainan, as well as the Costco business district. It has both high-quality life and leisure functions, and is the preferred area for many celebrities and gentry to settle down.

Moreover, Annan's "A22 rezoning area" has attracted attention because of the South Branch and the North Outer Ring Driven by Residential Areas!

Quickly connect Shanhua Nanke, Tainan Science and Technology Industrial Park, Yongkang Science and Technology Industrial Park, Xinji Industrial Park and other important industrial parks.

The Tainan City Government has accelerated the redesignation of the overall development zone in Annan District, reviewing and canceling the minimum public facility land burden ratio for redrawing, and Mingding A22 District (Xuedong, Shalun, and Qingcaolun Overall Development Zones) have to handle redrawing separately.

The "A22 rezoning area" is located in the north of Annan District, a low-density residential development area with advantages of waterfront and green space. After rezoning, the square street profile and straight and open roads have become a new highlight of the development of Bei'annan District.

Optimistic about the future development of Annan District, Qingjinglin Development will also launch the first 2-3 bedroom boutique building in the A22 rezoning area of ​​Annan District, which has attracted attention from all walks of life.

The base is about 5.8 kilometers away from the Tainan Science and Technology Industrial Park. You can quickly go to National Highway No. 8, and you can get to Nanke in about 15 minutes at the fastest. You can go to Xuedong Park and Xuedong Elementary School within 2 minutes from the base.

Qingjinglin Aesthetics has the advantage of fast access to National Highway No. 8, and you can get to Nanke within 15 minutes at the fastest.

Qingjinglin develops and lays out the trend of residential trams in the future, and the underground parking spaces introduce charging piles, and high-quality living building materials for households.

Such as: Sankyo airtight windows, SPC stone crystal floor, whole building clean soft water system, SHARP anti-bacterial and clean elevator, Panasonic anti-cockroach kitchen utensils, etc., so that first-time buyers can enjoy a luxury house, and create an all-round future house to meet the needs of the south. Demand for high-quality housing by upstarts and financial elites.

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