Guo Wengui, a well-known Chinese businessman in exile in the United States, was arrested by the New York police on March 15 for multiple fraud charges.


[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] Guo Wengui, a well-known Chinese businessman in exile in the United States, was arrested by the US police last month on suspicion of defrauding about US$1 billion (about NT$30.3 billion).

There is the latest progress in the case, and Guo Wengui's lawyer team has applied to the US court for bail.

Guo Wengui was recently accused by the U.S. Department of Justice that he and his accomplice Yu Jianming were suspected of defrauding 100,000 online supporters, encouraging fans to donate or invest in cryptocurrencies, media platforms and companies under his control, including the cryptocurrency platform "Himalaya Exchange". ", and GTV Media, a media company that Bannon served as a director of the company and was suspected of illegally absorbing money in 2020 and was investigated; Guo and Yu misappropriated funds to purchase various luxury goods, including a yacht and a building with an area of Mansion, and a Ferrari worth 3.5 million US dollars (approximately NT$106 million).

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The indictment shows that Guo Wengui was charged with 11 counts of fraud, money laundering, etc., and the prosecution has seized US$634 million (approximately NT$19.26 billion) in criminal proceeds and assets, including a Lamborghini.

The latest developments in the case, "Deutsche Welle Chinese Network" reported that Guo Wengui's legal team applied for bail to the Manhattan Federal Court in New York on March 31, on the grounds that other wealthy defendants accused of large-scale fraud cases, including Ponzi fraud cases Madoff (Bernard Madoff) and Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), founder of cryptocurrency platform FTX, were both guaranteed freedom.

According to the bail application documents submitted by Guo Wengui's lawyer team, Guo Wengui proposed a bail plan totaling US$25 million (approximately NT$759 million), including US$5 million (approximately NT$151 million) in cash and other assets.

The report pointed out that if Guo Wengui is released on bail, he will be under home confinement at his wife's residence in Connecticut, and will be under 24-hour surveillance, and at least one security guard will be on site.

Guo Wengui's lawyer team stated that under strict supervision conditions, Guo Wengui will not pose a threat to others, and Guo Wengui's wife and daughter are currently seeking political asylum in the United States. It is impossible for Guo Wengui to leave his family. There will be life threats from the Chinese regime.

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