In April, the dollar

rate in Ukraine

will be in the range of 37.00-39.00 hryvnias for one dollar, if no exceptional events occur.

This is stated in the forecast of candidate of economic sciences, independent expert Oleksandr Khmelevskyi, "Fakty ICTV" writes.

According to him, the exchange rate of the dollar against the hryvnia below UAH 37 is unlikely to fall.

Instead, the potential for growth is much greater

As for the non-cash dollar, it remains stable in relation to the hryvnia, the expert says.

Although the NBU constantly sells currency to meet demand.

"Last week, the volume of foreign currency sales by the National Bank increased to 500 million dollars, which indicates an increase in the demand for foreign currency. However, foreign loans and grants are coming steadily in the planned volumes. This ensures the stability of the exchange rate and even allows to build up foreign exchange reserves," Khmelevsky said.

At the same time, the expert does not exclude the fact that stability may collapse at any moment.

According to him, an escalation of hostilities, an increase in shelling, or the threat of a nuclear attack could lead to the fall of the hryvnia.

It will be recalled that banker Herman Marchenko expressed the opinion that

in April the exchange rate of the dollar and the euro

will be in the usual corridors - it is 37.80-38.80 UAH per dollar, as well as 40.00-41.00 UAH per euro.

Fluctuations within 30-50 kopecks are possible.

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